Information On Open Gym and Fall Sports

August 18, 2020

Dear Xavier Students and Parents,

For those who will be participating in open gym and those who will be trying out for any Xavier fall sport, please read the following. Open gym is defined as meeting with a Xavier coach and other students to work on skills, exercise and prepare for the season. Open gym is permitted by the AIA regulations. You can sign up for badminton, cross country and volleyball open gyms.

The safety of Xavier’s students and coaches is primary to all.  The Diocese of Phoenix, CDC and the AIA have mandated the policies in the established Return to Athletic Activity protocol, available upon request.  Because we are still in Phase 1 of that protocol, all Fall tryouts and open gym badminton, open cross country and open volleyball will consist of sessions with only 10 students per group.  

Policy highlights included for open gym/fall sport tryouts are the following:

  1. All students must have, on file, a signed Diocese of Phoenix Athletic Participation
    Waiver (already completed).
  2. Face coverings/masks are required throughout phases when athletes are not
    active such as when entering/exiting facilities, watching film, visiting the athletic
    training room, or sitting on the bench but not when engaged in high intensity
    aerobic activities.  
  3. Coaches and students must be free from all symptoms of illness for a minimum
    of 10 days before commencing participation.
  4. Coaches and students must complete the Initial Health Screening for Returning
    to Sports within 48 hours of the 1 st session attended.
  5. Coaches and students must complete the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check within
    24 hours of each session.  Any member showing symptoms must be immediately
    isolated from the group, sent home and monitored and appropriately cleared
    prior to returning to play.
  6. Each coach and student athlete will have his or her temperature taken prior to
    entering Xavier’s athletic facilities.  100.4 is the temperature at which a student
    is unable to participate.
  7. Each coach and student athlete will wash/sanitize his or her hands before each
  8. Physical/social distancing will be adhered by everyone in all Xavier on and off
    campus facilities.
  9. No one is to share any personal equipment.  All individuals must have their own
    water bottle/jug, hair ties, etc.
  10. Before, during and after each session equipment and restrooms will be sanitized.
  11. The safety of our Xavier students and coaches is vital.

The Xavier Athletic Staff receives daily updates from the AIA and the Diocese regarding safety for all those involved in Athletics.  

Fall open gyms, tryouts and the start of competition could change based on information received from Governor Ducey, AIA and the Diocese of Phoenix. We will apprise you of these as we receive them.

As previously stated the safety of our students, faculty, staff, coaches and parents is our priority.  
Please contact Susan Contreras at with any questions.

Fall Open and Tryout Information

Badminton Optional Open Gym
August 17th

Please contact Coach Laura Forbes at by August 14th, if you plan to attend.

Badminton Tryouts
August 31st – September 1st – 2nd

Please contact Coach Laura Forbes by August 28th at, if you plan to attend.

Cross Country Optional Open Running
August 17th – 22nd

Granada Park: 6505 N 20 th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
5:15am – 6:15am
All interested must email Coach VanSickle by August 14th at, if you plan to attend.

Cross Country Tryouts
August 24th – 26th

Granada Park: 6505 N 20 th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
5:15am – 6:15am
All interested email Coach VanSickle at by August 21 st, if you plan to attend.

Gatorline and Spirtline Tryouts
August 17th 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Grades 9 – 12
Xavier College Prep – Vestar Hall
*In order to tryout you must get material for the tryouts – students must be a part of the BAND group on the app.

  1. Download the BAND app.
  3. Request to be a member (coaches will approve your request)
    If you have any questions, please contact

Golf Tryouts
August 18th – 20th

All interested in golf tryouts, please contact Coach Tui at by August 14th, if you plan to attend.

Swim and Dive Tryouts
August 24th – 26th

All interested in swimming and diving, please email Coach James at by Monday, August 17th, if you plan to attend.

Volleyball Optional Gym
All those who have not participated in open gyms thus far contact Coach Bryant at

Volleyball Tryouts
August 31st – September 1st – 2 nd

All interested in volleyball tryouts, please contact Coach Bryant at by August 17th, if you plan to attend.

Freshman Tennis Tryouts
August 31st – September 1st -2nd

All interested please fill out the form that will be e-mailed to the Freshmen class on August 14th.

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