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Mission and Philosophy

The World Languages Department at Xavier College Preparatory strives to develop a well-rounded learner who can communicate effectively as a speaker of the target language that is grammatically correct and culturally acceptable. Xavier has a multi-media computer laboratory dedicated to foreign language education. The goal of language study at XCP is to create not only fluency but also an appreciation of cultural diversity and language in a cultural context. Incoming students who have begun language studies before enrolling at XCP will be required to take a placement test in April in order to determine proper placement. A letter detailing exam content will be included in the registration materials as well as being posted on the Department of Foreign Language web page.

World Languages Faculty

  • Peggy Clay, M.A.

    Spanish Teacher

    Homecoming Moderator | Spanish Language Club Moderator | WAX Club Moderator | World Language Testing Director

  • Marie Helene De Soler, M.A., A.B.D., N.M.D.

    French Teacher

    French Language Club Moderator | International Travel Program – France | Latin Club Moderator


  • Ann-Marie Hyland, M.A., A.B.D.

    French Teacher | World Languages Department Co-Chair | Director of Communications / Academic Public Relator

    Curriculum Council Member | French Language Club Moderator | French Honor Society Moderator | Freshwoman / New Student Orientation Activities | International Travel – France | Student Ambassadors Moderator | WCEA Research

    FRE 101/102 for Rio Salado | FRE 201/202 for Rio Salado

  • Alexandra Lopez Jimenez, M.A. TESOL

    Spanish Teacher | World Languages Co-Chair

    Advisory Board Member | Curriculum Council Member | International Travel – Spain | Spanish Language Club Moderator | WAX Club Moderator

    SPA 101/102 for Rio Salado | SPA 201/202 for Rio Salado

  • Martha Murrieta, M.A.

    Spanish Teacher

    Spanish Language Club Moderator

  • Alejandra Rosarossa, Ph.D.

    Spanish Teacher

    Spanish National Honor Society Moderator 

    SPA 101/102 for Rio Salado | SPA 201/202 for Rio Salado | SPA 265/266 for Rio Salado

  • Noemi Santaella, M.A.

    Spanish Teacher

    Spanish Language Club Moderator | Spanish National Honor Society Moderator | Kairos Retreat Moderator

  • Stacy Seger, M.A.

    French Teacher

    International Travel – France | Student Government / Executive Board Moderator

    FRE101/102 for Rio Salado

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