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Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the Social Studies Department of Xavier College Preparatory is to create quality instruction by linking significant skills and knowledge in social studies to the total development of the student. Citizens must have the skills which enable them to deal with whatever complex issues their personal society or the global society may develop. The staff of the Social Studies Department endeavors to motivate students to develop the knowledge, skills, and the desire necessary to interact positively within their communities.

Department Highlights

Social Studies Faculty

  • Stephanie Brugger, B.A. ’90

    Social Studies Teacher

    Freshman Class Student Council Moderator

  • Dan Long, M.A., M.Ed.

    Social Studies Teacher

    Unity Committee Member

    HIS 103/104 for Rio Salado

  • Olivia Long, M.A., LAC ’06

    Social Studies Teacher

    PSY 101 for Rio Salado

  • Gina Nuñez, M.Ed.

    Social Studies Teacher

    National History Club/National History Scholars Society Moderator | CloseUp Washington D.C. Moderator

    HIS101/102 for Rio Salado | History 110/111 for Rio Salado

  • Dani Richter, J.D. ’03

    English Teacher | Social Studies Teacher | AP Capstone – Research | AP Capstone Chair

    Curriculum Council Member | Mock Trial Moderator | Summer Reading Coordinator | WAX Club Moderator

    POS 110 for Rio Salado

  • Ileen Welty, J.D.

    Social Studies Teacher | Social Studies Department Chair

    Curriculum Council Member | Political Action Club of Xavier Moderator | National History Club Moderator | National History Scholars Society Moderator

    POS 110 for Rio Salado | HIS 103/104 for Rio Salado | AJS 109 for Rio Salado

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