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After a rigorous and exacting application process, Xavier was awarded the AP Capstone Program by the CollegeBoard in 2016. The inaugural AP Seminar course was taught during the 2017-18 academic year and this year AP Research has been added. The program is available to incoming sophomores and juniors. This is an exciting addition to Xavier’s already impressive academic curriculum that further enhances our students’ college readiness. Xavier is one of approximately 1,100 schools worldwide and one of approximately 25 schools in Arizona given the privilege of offering this program to their students.


Sample Group Project

Sample Independent Project


AP Capstone Faculty

  • Alison Mead, M.Ed.

    English Teacher

    AP English IV | AP English IV Great Books Seminar | AP Capstone Research | ENG 101-102 for Rio Salado | Key Club Moderator | Toastmasters Moderator | Summer Reading Program Co-Director 

  • Claire Yablong, MBA ‘07

    Math Teacher

    Algebra I | AP Capstone Seminar/Research | Independent Study in Engineering EPICS Co-Moderator

  • Dani Richter, J.D. ’03

    English Teacher | AP Capstone Chair

    English I Great Books | English II | American Government | AP Capstone Seminar/Research | Political Science POS 110 for Rio Salado | Mock Trial Moderator | Summer Reading Co-Chair | WAX Club Moderator

  • Shannon Donaldson, M.A.

    English Teacher

    Honors English II | Aachen Germany Chaperone | AP Capstone-Seminar | Poetry Out Loud Moderator  


Visit the CollegeBoard AP Capstone website to learn more about this prestigous program.


For more information and specific questions regarding AP Capstone at Xavier, please get in touch via email.


Dani Richter, J.D. '03
AP Capstone Chair
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