In Memoriam

In Memoriam

May 2018 - July 2018
Karl Almquist
, father of Shelley Almquist Cooper ’89
Mildred Brown, grandmother of Melanie Laux Burm ’92 and Joe Laux BCP ’99
Mary Louise Blish, mother of Cassandra Blish Kowalczyk ’79 and Sharon Blish ’80
Servilla Branham, grandmother of Alexandra Perez ’18
Virginia Breed, mother of Laura Breed Giese ’73, Julie Breed Swanbeck ’75, Charles Breed BCP ’66, George Breed BCP ’67, and Richard Breed BCP ’69, grandmother of Christina Breed Snyder ’97 and Charles G. Breed BCP ’06
Thomas Brown, father of Catherine Wyman and father-in-law of Bruce Wyman, Xavier faculty
Elizabeth Estelle Burns, grandmother of Lauren Burns Kanne ’02
Stephen Butterfield, father-in-law of Mary Wylie Butterfield ’03 and father of
Stephen Butterfield BCP ’02
Judith Rice Carpenter ’53
Mary Ellen Cavanagh ’66
Bob Connolly
, father of Courtney Connolly ’09
Thomas Cooper, grandfather of Britlin Kohrs ’05 and Robert Kohrs BCP ’02, father-in-law of Robert Kohrs BCP ’76
William Cowger, grandfather of Elena Flores-Breese ’00
Nicholas D’Arcangelo BCP ’72, brother of Margie D’Arcangelo’75, Caroline D’Arcangelo Watson ’77 and Mark D’Arcangelo BCP ’73
Ross Dodenhoff, son of Steve Dodenhoff BCP ’81, brother of Kyle Dodenhoff ’10 and Reed Dodenhoff BCP ’08, nephew of Sarah Dodenhoff Rosenthal ’93, David Dodenhoff BCP ’84 and James Dodenhoff BCP ’79
Gene Gazzola, father of Theresa Gazzola Dwyer-Federhar ’78 and Julie Gazzola ’81
Lynn Getz-Riley, aunt of Allison Getz ’14
Carol Gissel, mother of Kristin Gissel Beasley ’99 and Elizabeth Gissel Dalton ’01, mother-in-law of Matthew Dalton BCP ’01
LaVeral Graf, mother-in-law of Sara Willian Graf ’93
Frances Haras, grandmother of Catherine Eckland Clancy ’05 and Thomas Eckland BCP ’08, mother of staff member Leslie Eckland
Chandler Jerome Hassett, father of Eden Hassett Higgins ’83, Shannon Hassett McLaine ’86, Colleen Hassett Chester ’00, Michael Hassett BCP ’82, Patrick Hassett BCP ’96, and brother of Terry Hassett Fisher ’58, Maggie Hassett ’72 and Mike Hassett BCP ‘68
Kevin Hassett, brother of Terry Hassett Fisher ’58 Maggie Hassett ’72 and Mike Hassett BCP ’68, uncle of Eden Hassett Higgins ’83, Shannon Hassett McLaine ’86, Colleen Hassett Chester ’00, Michael Hassett BCP ’82, Patrick Hassett BCP ’96
Mildred Heiple, mother of Pat Heiple Nochta ’66, Tina Heiple Stewart ’68, Dave Heiple BCP ’76 and John Heiple BCP ’71, grandmother of Kristen Heiple ’02, Kelli Heiple Clarke ’06, Kathleen Nochta ’06 and Jim Heople BCP ’00
Lynn Horstmann, grandmother of Taylor Moore ’14
Tommy Jackson, father of Jeanne Jackson Hink ’88
Nancy Preach Jacobs ’54
Thomas Kelleher BCP ’67, husband of Mimi Flood Kelleher ’67, brother in law of Colleen McCarthy Flood ’62 and Loretta McCarthy ’64
Daniel Joseph Liefgreen, father of Linda Liefgreen Erlandson ’72
Briana Tigue Medina, sister of Mikayla Tigue ’10 and Alysia Tigue ’15
Alice Burrus Moore, mother of Laurie Moore Lang ’78 and Lisa Moore Wilson ’80 Mary Murphy,
Margaret Anne Neff, grandmother of Lily Neff ’18
Anthony Palumbo, uncle of Katherine Palumbo Shinnick ’05, father of Scott Palumbo BCP ’92 and Craig Palumbo BCP ’96
Susan Rosenblatt Polson, former Xavier faculty
Richard Prenovost, husband of Mary Joan Wollenman Prenovost ’51 and brother of Mary Lou Prenovost Stevens ’47
Jim Rodriguez, uncle of Isabelle Kilzer ’21
Mary Elizabeth Turner Roman, mother of Ali Roman ’04 and Jesse Roman BCP ’03
Matthew E. Shannon, father-in-law of Sarah Calfee Shannon ’87 and grandfather of Tinker Shannon ’20 and Sully Shannon BCP ’18
Dennis Skarecky, father of Denise Skarecky Alley ’93
James Smidt, father of Gretchen Smidt ’75, Greg Smidt BCP ’77, Ridge Smidt BCP ’81, and Jason Smidt BCP ’85, grandfather of Remy Smidt ’12, father-in-law of Tana Gallo Smidt ’84 Barbara Rose Stinson ’57
Embry Stults
, father of Ashley Stults ’04 and brother of Marilyn Stults Burns ’70 and
Martha Rose Stults Hurt ’55
Timothy Joseph Tweeton, father of Caroline Tweeton Pricher ’98
Timothy Walsh BCP ’58, uncle to many in the Xavier and Brophy community
Patrick Welsh, son of JoAnn Dreckman Welsh ’60
Lori Zacher, mother of Megan Zacher ’20, Matthew Zacher BCP ’18 and Tommy Zacher, wife of Keith Zacher BCP ’88, and relative to many Zacher relatives from the Brophy and Xavier community. 

In Memoriam Update

Historically, Xavier’s In Memoriam has been featured in our Connections magazine.  In a conscious effort to go green and maintain Xavier’s STEAM goals, In Memoriam is now available online. Similarly, in order to maintain continuity as well as keep our community informed the featured list will be updated quarterly (January, April, July, and October). As the feature list is updated the prior will be archived as a viewable PDF available at all times. In Memoriam features prior to May 2017 are available through our Office of Alumnae Relations and are physically archived on campus in the Xavier Archive. 

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Special Intentions

The Xavier Community accepts prayer requests to express sympathy or special intentions. The Xavier Prayer Ministry is committed to offering prayer support for anyone in the Xavier community who has a medical or personal concern. Prayer requests received will be shared by email with the community; we in turn pray for the specific intention. Please contact Stacy Berghoff with your requests and confirm the family is aware and requests our prayers. Please send your requests to:
Almighty and everliving God, we entrust our loved ones into your hands. Eternal rest grant onto them, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon them. 

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