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World Languages Department

Mission Statement
The World Languages Department at Xavier College Preparatory strives to develop a well-rounded learner who can communicate effectively as a speaker of the target language that is grammatically correct and culturally acceptable. Xavier has a multi-media computer laboratory dedicated to foreign language education. The goal of language study at XCP is to create not only fluency but also an appreciation of cultural diversity and language in a cultural context. Incoming students who have begun language studies before enrolling at XCP will be required to take a placement test in April in order to determine proper placement. A letter detailing exam content will be included in the registration materials as well as being posted on the Department of Foreign Language web page.

Latin I, II, III, IV Honors and AP available at Brophy College Preparatory

Language Lab
Room F109 | 602.277.3772 ext. 3048
The lab is open to scheduled classes only during the normal school day.

Extended hours for make-up work, or independent study are as follows:
Before school (7:45-7:55 a.m.) Monday-Friday
Break (10:00-10:20 a.m.) Monday-Friday
Lunch (12:25-1:00 p.m.) Monday-Thursday
8th Hour (2:50-3:30 p.m.) Monday-Thursday

*all extended hour times are based on a normal week schedule.
Times are subject to change with schedule irregularities.

World Languages Placement Tests
Incoming students who have begun language studies before enrolling at Xavier College Preparatory and believe that they might be qualified to start at a level beyond first year, MUST participate in the April Xavier College Preparatory World Languages Placement Exam.

Meet our Department

Magda Nelson 
World Languages Department Chair
Spanish III
Spanish III New Horizons 
Honors Spanish III 

Marie Helene De Soler 
French I
Alexandra Gutierrez 
Spanish II
Honors Spanish II 
Honors Spanish II Heritage Speaker
Honors Spanish IV 
AP Spanish Language
Jennifer James, '88
Spanish I
Alejandra RosaRossa 
Spanish III New Horizons 
Spanish IV New Horizons 
Honors Spanish III Heritage Speaker 
AP Spanish Literature 

Debbie Chen 
Chinese 1 
Chinese II
Honors Chinese III 
Honors Chinese IV 
AP Chinese

Sandra Galache 
Spanish I 
Spanish II
Anne-Marie Hyland 
Honors French III 
Honors French IV 
AP French Language 

Mark Maresca 
Honors Spanish II
Stacy Seger 
French II 
French III 

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