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Xavier Foundation, Inc. 
To donate to a Xavier Foundation, Inc. named scholarship, please mail a check to:
Xavier College Preparatory
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At this time, the Xavier Foundation cannot accept credit card payments.  

The Xavier Foundation, Inc. exists to provide for the long-term prosperity and fiscal health of Xavier College Preparatory by substantially enhancing the financial resources available for key areas of the Xavier education:  scholarship, faculty development, capital projects and technology.

Assets of the Foundation have grown to approximately $3.8 million as of December 31, 2017.  Currently, there are 33 endowed scholarships providing financial support to 41 students.  Scholarships totaling more than $135,000 were awarded for the 2017-2018 school year and nearly $2,000 was provided to the Xavier to support faculty development.

Non-Endowed/Growing Scholarships:
  • Class Funds
  • Frank and Laura Santos and Jacqueline Santos Running ’64 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jennifer L. Kovar Chase Memorial Fund
  • Jill Ann Darcy Scholarship Fund
  • Judith Grimes-Priebe Scholarship
  • Kristi C. Anderson Student Leadership Award Fund
  • The Courage Scholarship
  • The Joel Cohen Family Scholarship
  • The RT Foods, Inc. Scholarship
  • Wallace Fund
Fiscal Management
Xavier’s Director of Advancement serves as Trustee of the endowment at all times and works closely with donors interested in creating a named scholarship.  For information about establishing a scholarship through the Xavier Foundation, please contact Polly Fitz-Gerald at 602.240.3131 or
The Foundation is governed by a volunteer run Board of Trustees, which currently meets three times per year.  The Endowment Advisory Committee, a committee of the Board, serves to analyze the Foundation’s assets and investments and make recommendations accordingly.  All final investment decisions are voted on by the Board.  The Foundation’s endowment is also managed by a professional money management firm.

The Foundation’s current spending policy only allows spending from endowment earnings each school year.  This amount must not exceed four percent of the average market value of invested assets over the 36-month period, ending December 31, preceding the start of the school year.

Gifts made to the Xavier Foundation, Inc. are irrevocable. 

Scholarship Descriptions

List of 33 items.

  • Amy Elizabeth Flood ’76 Scholarship

    The Amy Elizabeth Flood ’76 Scholarship was established by Amy Flood, a graduate of both St. Francis Xavier Elementary School and Xavier College Preparatory, and her husband Larry West.  While attending both St. Francis and Xavier, Amy received an excellent education and established life-long friendships.
    Through her years of service as a Xavier Foundation, Inc. board member, Amy developed a passion for helping students find scholarships who would otherwise have difficulty affording a Xavier education.  As a way to honor her experience at St.  Francis and Xavier, the Amy Elizabeth Flood ’76 Scholarship exists to help another graduate of St. Francis Elementary School attend Xavier, regardless of her family’s financial circumstances.

  • Andrea Lynn Fadok Memorial Scholarship

    Andrea Lynn Fadok was a 1983 graduate of Xavier.   It was at Xavier that she developed a passion for languages, particularly Spanish.  During her senior year at the University of Arizona, where she majored in languages, she went to Seville, Spain to attend a special school and enhance her Spanish speaking prowess.
    Upon graduating from the University of Arizona with Phi Beta Kappa honors in 1987, Andrea decided to pursue her love of the Spanish language and moved to Seville, Spain. Her sojourn in Spain lasted several years, during which time she taught the English language and worked as an administrative manager of a popular restaurant.
    Andrea returned to the United States with a son, Marco Antonio DeLeon-Fadok, who she desired be educated in the United States.  Marco was five when on July 10, 2000, Andrea was killed in a tragic automobile accident.
    This scholarship bearing Andrea’s name is offered to perpetuate the memory of a person who was loved by all who knew her. 
  • Ann Grgich Graham Scholarship

    The donor wishes to acknowledge the gift in memory of Ann Grgich Graham, a great friend of Xavier. Ann loved vibrant and sweet young women, and wanted them to do well in life. This scholarship is to honor the enthusiasm Ann had for life all of her happy 97 years.

    Ann was an inspiration to everyone she met. She was one of a kind, like no other person one has ever met. She had charisma, intelligence, kindness, style, a great sense of humor, more than a bit of spunk and her memory was sharp as a tack. She lit up any room with her beautiful smile, and was always so complementary. 
  • Bayless Family Scholarship

    The Bayless family established the Bayless Family Scholarship to honor their mother, Pauline Hickcox Bayless, a life-long Catholic and faithful supporter of Catholic schools.  They recognize the growing need for scholarship assistance among current and future Xavier students. The Bayless family does not believe that a girl's socio-economic status should limit her opportunities.  The goal of the Bayless Family Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student who otherwise would not be able to afford a Xavier education.  
  • Beth Churosh ’76 Memorial Scholarship

    The Beth Churosh ’76 Memorial Scholarship wishes to acknowledge the memory of Beth Churosh, a graduate of Xavier in 1976 and St. Francis in 1972.  She was a beautiful person inside and out and is best remembered for her keen sense of humor.  She was a talented, fun, upbeat individual who brought energy and excitement everywhere she went.
  • Camille Donaldson Sypura ’88 Memorial Scholarship

    Camille Donaldson Sypura was a graduate of Xavier in 1988, and on May 25, 2015, she lost her battle with breast cancer.  During her final days in the hospital, Camille confided in her mother – Camille Lutfy Donaldson ’49 – that it was her wish to leave an endowed scholarship at Xavier for students who have a financial need.  Immediately after her passing, Camille’s family, friends and Xavier classmates came together and tirelessly worked to raise the funds necessary to create an endowed scholarship in her name.
    Camille used her gift of quirkiness, kindness and energy as an elementary school teacher and was dedicated to gifting children with a love for reading and learning.  Her passion lay in lifting up the “scrappers”, those children who most needed her special care and attention. 

    The Camille Donaldson Sypura ’88 Endowed Memorial Fund seeks to honor Camille’s memory, her infectious laugh and her zest for life by supporting a deserving Xavier student.
  • Caris-Hart Family Scholarship

    The Caris-Hart Family Scholarship exists to acknowledge the memory of Shirley Caris who was a grandmother of five Xavier gators.  This scholarship intends to support a student who is passionate about her education and specifically has an interest in studying science and/or technology.
  • Carol Hall Youssefi Memorial Scholarship

    Carol Hall Youssefi was a French and Spanish teacher at Xavier College Preparatory from 1985 – 2002.  She also proudly served as chairman of the Foreign Language Department. Mrs. Youssefi had Masters Degrees in both French and Spanish, and it was her life’s work not just to teach foreign language, but to share her true love of other languages and cultures.

    Although she had taught for many years at the University level, when she was offered the job at Xavier, she knew that she had found the place that she would call home until retirement. Mrs. Youssefi was quickly taken by the truly special sense of camaraderie and community that is unique to Xavier. She took a sincere interest in seeing her students excel both inside and outside of the classroom. She was one of those special teachers that students never forgot, and that was evidenced by the many young women who continued to reach out to her long after graduating from Xavier. Her family can sincerely attest that Carol was never happier than when she was teaching at Xavier.
  • Deborah Lea Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship

    Debbie Snodgrass was a 1987 graduate of Xavier, and she served as a member of the Xavier faculty in 1999. After receiving her degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona, Debbie’s free spirit and love of adventure inspired her to pursue an international career as a teacher of English as a Second Language. Debbie taught stateside in Arizona and California. In addition to her many travels abroad, Debbie worked in Italy, Greece, Korea, and Indonesia. While living in Bali, Debbie was tragically killed along with nearly 200 other people in a terrorist bombing in October of 2002.
    The funds for the Deborah Lea Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship were generated from the memorial gifts that were received following Debbie’s death from her many friends and family members. This scholarship bearing Debbie’s name, a Xavier alumna who dedicated so much of her life to education and enjoyed so many aspects of a Xavier education, will allow her spirit and vitality to be part of the Xavier community for all time. Through this scholarship, Debbie will be remembered, not only by the events surrounding her death, but by the spirit in which she led her life. 
  • Donahue Family Foundation Scholarship

    The Donahue Family Foundation Scholarship was established to support students who would like to pursue a Catholic education but who may not have the means to do so.  The selected student(s) will be a practicing Catholic and a dedicated student. 
  • Edna Basha Lutfy Memorial Scholarship

    The Edna Basha Lutfy Memorial Scholarship was the first Xavier Foundation scholarship.  It was established to honor the memory of Edna Basha Lutfy and to acknowledge the qualities that she possessed that made her life so rich.  Edna led a life full of good works and service to her family, friends, church and community.  Throughout her more than 90 years, her life’s chief characteristics were a restless and earnest desire to do more, to be more and to realize her potential.
  • Eleanor E. Davey Biological Sciences Award

    This scholarship was established to honor the legacy of Eleanor E. Davey who taught English, Physical Education and Biology at Xavier from 1957-1976.  Mrs. Davey worked tirelessly to help her students find scholarship opportunities in the biological sciences in college.  By honoring Eleanor Davey with this award, she will forever remain a vital and contributing member of the Xavier community. 
  • Elizabeth M. Connolly Book Scholarship

    This scholarship is established to honor Elizabeth M. Connolly, former teacher and guidance counselor at Xavier.  The scholarship will be used for the purchase of uniforms and/or books.  Mrs. Connolly, the mother of Teresa Connolly Duffy ’67 and mother-in-law of Stephen E. Duffy was a true believer in education.  A college graduate in the 1930s, she embraced knowledge and exhibited curiosity every day.  The hope is that, regardless of circumstance, a deserving young girl will have the same opportunity to delight in learning and feel comfortable during her time at Xavier.
  • Elizabeth Van Haren Book Scholarship

    Xavier was like a second home to Elizabeth Van Haren during her entire career in the Xavier administrative office from 1956-1983. She loved working with the BVM Sisters (especially Sister Joan and Sister Lynn), the Xavier faculty and of course all of the students throughout her many years at Xavier. 

    Elizabeth was very committed to helping Xavier's leadership team carry out its tradition of excellence through its teaching of Catholic faith and values and innovative academic curriculum to very talented young women. 

    On a personal note, Xavier and the BMV Sisters were a second family to Elizabeth. This life long and memorable experience helped her develop personally and professionally, but even more importantly, it profoundly deepened her own Catholic faith as a human being and as a mother. 
  • Emily Elizabeth Ell Memorial Scholarship

    The Xavier Community suffered a crushing loss when Emily Ell ’99 was killed on prom night, a few weeks before her graduation, when an intoxicated driver struck the car in which Emily was a passenger. The funds for the Emily Ell Scholarship were generated from the countless memorial gifts received following Emily’s death.  The gifts were not only from Emily’s family and friends, but also from hundreds who had never met her and yet were moved by the overwhelming Community response to her death.  Emily was a conscientious student and a valued member of the Student Council and the golf team. She easily merited the respect and admiration of students and teachers.  Emily however did not seek praise or popularity.  Gentle and thoughtful, she enjoyed doing random acts of kindness, such as quietly surprising a classmate with a plate of her homemade chocolate chip cookies for no special occasion.  Emily’s generous and gracious attitude and actions exemplify the purpose and values of Xavier College Preparatory.  Through this scholarship, Emily is remembered, not only by the events surrounding her death, but primarily by the spirit in which she led her life. 
  • Geraldine Winsor Memorial Scholarship

    Geraldine Winsor was the mother of Sister Lynn Winsor, BVM ’61 and Mark Winsor.  She was a dedicated Catholic who prayerfully lived each day with hope.  She graduated from the College of St. Theresa in Winona, Minnesota and later received her Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin. Her career involved working to benefit others serving as a social worker in Fond du Lac and later for the Maricopa County Welfare Department where she was Director of Temporary Child Care Services.  She also served as Director of the Colorado Board of Standards and as a social worker for the Tucson Unified School District.  She was active in St. Cyril’s Parish in Tucson and Most Holy Trinity Parish in Phoenix as well as the Secular Franciscans.  Geraldine was a prayerful, kind, intelligent woman who influenced each life she touched.  This scholarship exists to honor her memory and spirit. 
  • Jennifer Ann LaBonte Memorial Scholarship

    Jennifer Ann LaBonte graduated from Xavier College Preparatory in 1994, then went on to received her BA in Art History in 1998.  Several years later, she returned to Xavier as an assistant in the Dean’s Office.  Jen’s lasting legacy represents her down-to-earth philosophy that “we do not necessarily have to do great things, but small things with great love”. 
    Jen is fondly remembered by her loving family and friends as a truly caring, authentic young lady who continues to make a significant impact on everyone she has touched. 
  • Korte Robertson Scholarship

    This fund was established by Marianna Korte and her daughter, Karen Korte Robertson, an alumna of Xavier’s class of 1966, to extend Xavier’s educational outreach to deserving students.
  • Laney Besch Memorial Scholarship

    The Laney Besch Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory and spirit of Laney Besch, an active Xavier parent who was killed in 1994 in a tragic automobile accident. Laney was a mother who accepted her role with joy and dedication.  Her daughters, Cindy and Stephanie, both graduated with honors from Xavier.  Through this scholarship she will continue to touch the lives of many more young women. 
  • Lisa Marie O’Briant Memorial Scholarship

    The donor wishes to acknowledge the gift in memory of Lisa Marie O’Briant Xavier graduate of 2006.

    This scholarship bearing Lisa’s name is offered to perpetuate the memory of our daughter, who through her passion for happiness and devotion to helping others, would have positively influenced the quality of many lives. The donor encourages the recipient of this scholarship to fulfill their passion within the field of medicine.
  • Loret Miller Ruppe Memorial Scholarship

    Loret Miller Ruppe, a Xavier alumna of the class of 1953, was the longest-serving director of the Peace Corps from 1981 to 1989 and was an ambassador to Norway from 1989 to 1993. She strongly believed in the importance of community service and its significance to world peace. She ended many speeches with this: “Is peace simply the absence of war? Or is it the absence of the conditions that bring on war, the conditions of hunger, disease, poverty, illiteracy, and despair?” She firmly believed that service to community could eliminate those conditions. After her untimely death in 1996, her husband Phillip Ruppe established this scholarship in her memory to honor a Xavier student who is committed to community service and goes above and beyond the school requirement. 
  • Lou Grubb Memorial Scholarship

    The donor wishes to acknowledge the gift in memory of Louis Stephen Grubb, Phoenix automotive business icon whose “Take Five” radio and TV commercials played on Arizona stations for decades.

    Lou was a man of deep faith and commitment, a lifelong Catholic. He focused his attention on his family, business and community involvement. Lou’s granddaughter Kelsey Grubb ’07 is a graduate of Xavier. 
  • Marika Critelli Memorial Scholarship

    The donor wishes to acknowledge the gift in memory of Marika Critelli who died at age 31 from a rare genetic disorder that affected her both mentally and physically. As a young adult, this disorder made its appearance, and Marika chose to embrace the very difficult challenges she faced with grace. In doing so, Marika touched the lives of everyone she came in contact with. This scholarship has been created to remember the remarkable person Marika was. It is our hope that her spirit will touch lives of the young women who receive this award and inspire them to engage in community service as a lifelong endeavor.
  • Saint John Vianney Murphy Scholarship/Remi Fitzgerald Book Scholarship

    This scholarship was established to build upon the dream of Father Joe Copora who founded the St. John Vianney Catholic School. The St. John Vianney Murphy Scholarship also serves to honor Litchfield Park Xavier graduates Kerry Murphy Giangobbe ’82, Carolyn Murphy Hassett ’83 and Michele Murphy O’Mara ’85.

    The Remi Fitzgerald Book Scholarship is to honor Sister Joan’s niece as a wonderful friend to Sister Joan, Kerry Giangobbe ’82 and all at Xavier.
  • Sister Francia Hanrahan Memorial Scholarship

    Sister Francia Hanrahan, BVM, served the Xavier and St. Francis communities in several capacities during her long tenure in Phoenix. She touched the lives of hundreds of families, students and colleagues who keep cherished memories of her sweetly blended grace and elegance, her contagious smile and the ever present twinkle in her eye. Sister Francia was principal at St. Francis grade school before arriving at Xavier as a math teacher, much to the delight of the St. Francis graduates who now found themselves in her classroom. Soon after, she became Xavier’s Vice Principal and Treasurer. Following a return to her native Chicago for a few years to spend time with her family and to work at Mundelein College, Sister Francia came back to work at Xavier in the front office before her final retirement at the BVM Mother House in Dubuque.

    Knowing what the Xavier community meant to Sister Francia and the value she placed on the education Xavier provides, Sister Francia’s friends, colleagues and former Xavier and St. Francis students have contributed to this fund to offer a scholarship to a deserving student who will well represent her spirit and zest.
  • Sister Lynn Winsor, BVM ’61 Scholarship

    The Sister Lynn Winsor, BVM ’61 scholarship was established by the Xavier Dads’ Club to honor her service as Xavier’s Vice Principal for Activities and Athletic Director. The Xavier Dads’ Club is extremely grateful for her more than 40 years of dedicated service.
  • Sister Mary Joan Fitzgerald, BVM Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in honor of Sister Mary Joan Fitzgerald, BVM celebrating 50 years at Xavier. Her contribution to education, vision and foresight has not only transformed Xavier into the school it is today, but has had a profound impact upon the evolution of women’s education in Arizona. “Sister Joan Fitzgerald, in her fifty years of service to Xavier College Preparatory, has contributed to the intellectual and spiritual formation of thousands of young women.”
  • Sister Nancy Perlick Memorial Scholarship

    Sister Nancy Perlick, RSM joined the Xavier College Preparatory community in September of 1995 as a substitute teacher, volunteer softball coach, and activities assistant.  She spent the following twenty years at Xavier as Director of Institutional Advancement, U.S. History Advanced Placement Teacher, a volleyball, basketball and softball address announcer, and as the Associate Director of Activities and Athletics. 

    Prior to her years at Xavier, Sister Nancy dedicated more than twenty-five years to the ministry of nursing and health administration.  She joined the Religious Sisters of Mercy in 1963.  Sister Nancy was a woman of great intelligence, quiet leadership, boundless dignity, and contagious humor.  She touched the lives of thousands in the Xavier community, and her legacy is tremendous.

    Sister Nancy’s battle against peritoneal cancer was valiant, and she is now resting in the eternal peace of our Lord.
  • Susie Burns Cole Memorial Scholarship

    The Susie Cole Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the life of Susie Cole.  Susie’s two daughters graduated from Xavier:  Megan ’06 and Laura ’08.  Susie loved her interaction with Xavier’s students and faculty over the six years that her daughters attended Xavier.  She especially enjoyed her work on the new Xavier Convent wherein the stained glass window in the Chapel was done in honor of her father Kent Burns. 
    This scholarship provides a gift to a deserving young woman who has a financial need while also honoring Susie’s spirit and kind heart.
  • Teresa Zielinski Memorial Scholarship

    The Teresa Zielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Zielinski Family to honor the life of Terri Zielinski who passed away at the age of 56 from breast cancer May 1, 2012.  Mother to twin Xavier graduate daughters and Brophy son, Terri exuded the loving attributes of a mother, wife and business woman that we hope provide encouragement and inspiration to young people to achieve their fullest potential.
  • The Kathryn Kaiser ’05 and Elizabeth Kaiser ’08 Scholarship

    The Kathryn Kaiser ’05 and Elizabeth Kaiser ’08 scholarship wishes to acknowledge the importance of the gift of a Catholic education.
  • The Xavier Scholarship Fund

    This anonymous scholarship has been established to demonstrate the donor’s connection to and support of Xavier and its students.
  • William J. Stark Opportunity Award

    The funds for the William J. Stark Opportunity Award are offered in the spirit of giving that exemplifies the life of Bill Stark. Mr. Stark was the father of Xavier alumna Ellie Stark ’90, who he felt received an outstanding and well-rounded education while she was at Xavier. Mr. Stark believed in giving individuals the opportunities to become someone they never imagined they could be. The joy of Mr. Stark’s life was to see someone take the opportunities given to her and use those opportunities to gain confidence, self-esteem, and strong values. 

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