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Arizona Corporate Tax Credit

"The opportunity to attend Xavier College Preparatory should be available to any young woman who is willing to strive for greatness. The Corporate Tax Credit helps the young hard working women who deserve to be at Xavier prepare to be tomorrow’s leaders. " - Clarisa Hernandez '04

Clarisa Hernandez ’04 is a financial advisor with North Star Resource Group and has advised several of her clients to take the corporate tax credit and designate Xavier students as the beneficiaries.

At no cost to you or your company, you can provide the gift of an education.

The state of Arizona allows C-corporations, S-corporations, and insurance companies to participate in the tuition tax credit program for private education.

Companies are allowed a tax credit of up to 100% of their state income or insurance premium tax liability. There is no maximum dollar amount a corporation can take as a credit as long as it does not exceed the annual statewide cap at the time it applies for its credit.

Beginning July 1, 2017, the program's annual cap is $74.3 million. By statute, the cap grows 20% annually.

The process is simple, and provides essential support to 40% of Xavier's students. For more information, please contact Amy O'Sullivan at or (602) 240-3136.

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