President's Report

President's Report

A digital file of the President's Report is available by clicking HERE.


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  • The Xavier Fund

    The Xavier Fund
    The Xavier Fund provides flexible funding for the school to address its most pressing needs: tuition assistance, technology upgrades, campus improvements and unforeseen expenses. Donors who invest in The Xavier Fund have shown their commitment to a safe and encouraging environment that allows our young women to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

    Donate online today:
    Cross Level 
    $25,001 +
    Xavier Mothers' Guild
    John & Alice Powers Foundation
    $10,001 - $25,000
    Shawna and Scott Gruwell
    Michele and Stash Jarocki
    The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation
    $5,001 - $10,000
    Arizona Community Foundation
    ECD Systems LLC
    Margaret and Chris Johnson
    Moreno Family Foundation
    Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Phoenix
    Michael Self
    Hillary '94 and Scott Simon
    $1,001 - $5,000
    American Express Company
    Danielle '97 and Frank Barron
    Monnie '58 and  Martin Calfee
    Suzanne and Peter Connolly
    Sarah and David Cooney
    Nan and Tim Corwin
    Leah and Stan Craft
    Karen Damaso '92
    Haley '91 and Jamie DeMaria
    Debbie '73 and Tim DeMore
    Ginny and John Ford
    Sharon and Bernie Gburek
    Kathleen and John Graham
    Lorraine and Jim Humphrey
    Piper Jaffray & Co.
    Bethany and Rob Longo
    Karen and Dominic Magnoni
    Carol and Christopher McGuire
    Claudia and Jose Menendez
    Michele and Peter Phillippi
    The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
    Xavier Alumnae Plaid Day
    Kirstie and Jim Ransco
    Pamela '79 and Charles Reardon
    Noreen and Jack Reed
    Stephanie and James Schumacher
    Maureen and Jim Silhasek
    Kristine and Shane Thompson

    $501 - $1,000
    Leslee and John Allen
    Lupe and Jim Camargo
    Catholic Community Foundation – Diocese of Phoenix
    Carol '66 and Paul Causey
    Dawn and Christopher Celtruda
    Mary Ellen and Patrick Cunningham
    Arlene and Jack De Bolske+
    Kathy '67 and Dennis Desmond
    Martha '64 and Charlie Henderson
    Heather and Jim Kaiser
    Kate Kaiser '05
    Liz Kaiser '08
    Gina and Damon Knight
    Sue and Mark Landy
    Aide and Jose Lopez
    Steven Macy
    Loretta McCarthy '64
    Ellen and Kenneth McCoy
    Dianne and Bill Mensch
    Kerry and Leonard Nolan, Jr.
    David Padilla
    Diane Palmer '76
    Maria Rascon
    Ann '67 and Pete Rathwell
    Heidi and James Rula
    Monica Ryan '91
    Class Ring Level ($251 - $500)
    Estrella and Bruno Aguilar
    Mary '54 and William Ambrose
    Catherine Clark-Arnold
    Gregory Banchik
    Mona and Alan Baskin
    Marylou Berra '91
    Ani Joseph and Jose Boby
    Lynn '79 and Philip Brysacz
    Camilla and Chadwick Byrd
    Andrea G. Medina Carbine
    Catherine Connolly '63
    Carolyn Makaus Colangelo '60
    Kate and Kit Conley 
    Dorothy and William Davila
    Mona Davison
    Sharon and Ralph Diamond
    Jane Tiffany Duffy '59
    Sarah Gallagher
    Lauren '78 and Michael Gordon
    Mary Ann '54 and Edward Gray
    Kathleen '81 and Tom Harris
    Patricia A. Herrmann
    Eden '83 and Patrick Higgins
    Cheryl '63 and Eric Jacobson
    Leslie Kanda
    Sue and Thomas Klein
    Maureen and Carl Kotlarz
    Mary Farrington-Lorch and Martin Lorch
    Jane and John Lynch
    Vicki and Keith Maio
    Pat '67 and Jim Manion
    Lisa and Kirk McAllaster, Jr.
    Shannan '86 and Keith McLaine
    Roseann '63 and Glenn Mulligan
    Mary and Bill Novotny
    Kate O'Connor '78
    Deborah '81 and Michael Regalbuto
    Alison and David Riddiford
    Mary Ann '73 and Bill Sheely
    Chip Spellman
    Kathie '66 and Bryant Stooks
    Sylvia '73 and Jack Stresing
    Ginny Tiffany Sweeney '53
    Candace and Robert Terris
    Kay Trammell
    Ann-Marie Hyland and Christopher Traynor
    Jean Wallace
    Elizabeth Saillant Walters '74
    Barbara '72 and Francis Wankowicz
    Kathleen Moran Wold '03
    Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
    Catherine and Bruce Wyman
    Elizandra Zapata '92
    Gator Level ($101 - $250)
    Pamela Trompeter Aguilu '74
    Erin '84 and Al Alaimo
    Maria Martin Anderson '76
    Sherry and Charles Ayala
    Teresa and Patrick Barnwell
    Kathleen Bayley
    Patricia and Albert Blaha
    Martha Clemens Bobo '54
    Pamela '92 and Abraham Broudy
    Carol Kelley Brownlow '51
    Jennifer Kennedy Burns '98
    Erin Butts '07
    Mary and Donald Castro
    Tamera '78 and Nicholas Christifulli
    Martha Batista and Steven Chung
    Rose and Joseph Circello
    Shannon Clancy '88
    Class of 1965
    Stephanie and James Coder
    Marie Daley-Jackson
    Anne Davison
    Brenda Dennert and Frank Agnone
    Camille Lutfy Donaldson '49
    Tishin '89 and Jason Donkersley
    Meghan Donoghue '08
    Diane '98 and Jeff Ehrman
    Maureen '56 and Dan Stroud
    Suzi Figueroa '75
    Polly '68 and Michael Fitz-Gerald
    Connie '61 and Charles Gerber
    Cathy and Gil Gomez
    Jennifer '87 and Mark Gremmert
    Eva and James Hamant
    Cheryl '58 and David Healy
    Marilyn Henry '64
    Grace '57 and Paul Hicks
    Joyce and James Hladik
    Michelle '85 and John Hudson
    Mikaela Hudson '05
    Chalise Jacobs '06
    Cindy Currence and Don Johnsen
    Yolanda and Tim Kinnerup
    Brittany Ladd Klitzing '04
    Dayna and Butch Kloeber  
    Kathy and Greg Kruzel
    Kelly Landy '01
    Ronna Layne
    Heidi and Melvin Lochridge
    Martha and William Lovett+
    Carol Ann Michaelson '89
    Sara '84 and Michael Miller
    Lois Fechte Monroe '55
    Lisa and Peter Morrow
    Mary Mulligan '77 and John Hathaway
    Yvette and Stephen Mulligan
    Marysue '66 and John O'Reilly
    Jana and Austin Potenza
    Jimmy Rhodes
    Judith '53+ and Peter Rice
    Stephanie and John Rimmer
    Hazel and Arturo Rios
    Mercy Salaz '79
    Joan and Hector Salvatierra
    Nancy '84 and Jake Sanford
    Wendy '88 and Jeff Sanuik
    Yvette and Steven Saquilayan
    Marcy '61 and Victor Satran
    Maura '95 and Robert Saxelby
    Ann '80 and Shannon Scheel
    Madalyn '67 and James Seaman
    Sally and Desmond Sheahan
    Jennifer Szkatulski '03
    Peg and Tony Tanner
    Erin '84 and Chris Tawney
    Bethany Winkler Van Veen '95
    Elena and Ilya Volfson
    Judy '69 and Brian Weisel
    Margaret Diaz and Gareth Zehrbach
    Plaid Skirt Level ($26 - $100)
    Gina and Charlie Agee
    A.J. Aguirre
    Ann-Marie '92 and DJ Alameddin
    Shelly Alaska
    Michele Albo
    Joanne Arcangelo
    Sister Christine Athans, BVM
    Michele and Christopher Baker
    Stephanie Barnes '09
    Maureen and Pete Bayardi
    Kay and David Beauchamp
    Kathleen and John Beaver
    Denise '99 and David Bee
    Ann '77 and Karl Behring
    Jane and David Bellmont
    Sheila and Karl Bender
    Jill Benscoter '97
    Mary Ellen Berens ‘69
    Loretto '57 and Paul Berghoff
    Lorraine Bergman
    Sophie Bidwill '08
    Laken Bjelic '09
    Chris Bjorklund '68 and Patrick Mason
    Julie '90 and Charles Blake
    Denise Blommel '71 and Don Doerres
    Karen Fulton Bober '98
    Janice '55 and John Bolley
    Mary Bowerman-Smith and Jeffrey Smith
    Colleen '51 and Terry Britt
    Suzanne and Brian Broderick
    Lisa Brown '81
    Cameron Brownlow-Fields
    Hannah Budinoff ‘09
    Patricia and Ted Bunjovac
    Melanie '92 and Patrick Burm
    Mary and Terry Bussert
    Shelly ’81 and Greg Cahill
    Elisa Califana '98
    Jonlyn Callahan '79 and Crossan Andersen
    Jenna Van Liere Canzoniero
    Jane and Peter Carriell
    Elizabeth '54 and David Cauble
    Bethany '00 and Casey Chadd
    Joan Frances and Lawrence Chua
    Jean Gibb Clay and Ambrose Clay
    Logan Clark '06
    Carrie Byer Coats ‘03
    Katie '86 and Jerome Cobb
    Catherine Coffman
    Sharon and Craig Cohen
    Karen Curosh '79 and Bob Coltin
    Aimee Conroy '85 and Dan Nelson
    Debra '72 and Scott Coor
    Sister Margaret Mary Cosgrove, BVM '65
    Renee and Christopher Coury
    Eugene Cox
    Rebecca '76 and Kevin Day
    Sarah Delaney '04
    Sarah Delgado ‘06
    Breanne DeMore '09
    Nicole DeMore '96
    Mary Eileen '58 and Robert Dibb-Haub
    Patricia Duddy Dittmer '58
    Teresa '74 and Allen Dunaway
    Heather Lovett Dunn '91
    Lorraine and Gregory Dunn
    Sharon Dunning '58
    Tori Eckley Dunphy '00
    Joan and Bob Dupnik
    Bernadette and Eric Duquella
    Marciana '51 and Bernard Drury
    Lauraine Dwyer '66
    Jamie '02 and James Easterling
    Carolyn '71 and Kenneth Ellsworth
    Amy and Patrick Encinas
    Concepcion and Vicente Enciso
    Kristen DiBone Ennis '95
    Sherry Campbell Ernst '63
    Judy '65 and Charlie Ertl
    A. Christina Estes-Werther '94 and Christopher Werther
    Kathleen '65 and Mel Estey
    Sarah Youssefi Estrada '90
    Katie '97 and Adrian Evarkiou
    Tricia and Chris Feagles
    Jeanne Fernandez
    Rona '89 and John Field
    Eleanor and Melvin Fields
    Sister Joan Fitzgerald, BVM
    Amy Flood '76 and Larry West
    Elena Flores-Breese '00 and Jeff Breese
    Brooke Fox '08
    Alyson Frei '95
    Georgana Frieh
    Pattie Iben Fuller-Alvarez '56
    Loretta Cascio Fulton '66
    Terry '69 and Thomas Galkowski
    Kelly and Christopher Garman
    Joanna Garcia '10
    Monica Gaspar '92
    Catherine '74 and William Gaudreau
    Alexis '92 and Mark Gehringer
    Sue and Ronald Gilliam
    Georganne and Marvin Gillis
    Stefanie ’86 and Steven Gran
    Great American Title Agency
    Debi Gustafson '71
    Catherine '56 and James Gwinner
    Carrie and Brian Hall
    Lygia Harkins '94
    Christina Frieh Hauer '99
    Katherine and Kevin Hill
    Benjamin Hills
    Melinda Cockrill Holihan '62
    Lana '85 and Brad Holmes
    Kelly and Richard Hubbard
    Shelley and Jeff Hubbard
    Jackie '84 and Bob Hutt
    Pamela and Lou Iacovo
    Anne Jetson '04
    Allison '98 and Ryan Johnson
    Judy '65 and William Johnson, Jr.
    Meg Naughton Jones '87
    Laura and Michael Jordan
    Marilyn Jury
    Danielle '86 and John Kenney
    Sophia Kenrick '99
    Stephanie '81 and John Kerkorian
    Mary '80 and Robert Kilmer
    Camille and Ron King
    Judith Klapprott '62
    Thomas O. Klauber
    Sally '56 and Paul Klein
    Nancy Knight
    Crystal Korp '04
    Julie and Gary Kwapiszeski
    Doras and Dito Ladd
    Stacey Lammot '92
    Kitty '82 and Drew Langmade
    Angie Cassavant Lawless '81
    Rosemarie '81 and Kenneth Lawson
    Elizabeth and Kenneth Lewis
    Katie Logue '01
    Casey McKillip Long '62
    Elizabeth '98 and Christian Lorenz
    Sheryl '87 and John Lovell
    Bunkie and Bob Ludwig
    Michele and Robert Lundstedt
    Jolene and Eric Lynch
    Kimberly and Douglas MacEachern
    Macy's Foundation
    Patty Shaffer Madden '68
    Karen '61 and Joe Maggio
    Erin Mahon '17
    Cyndy and Dan Malinski
    Cherie and Scott Malkoff
    Mary Maloney
    Mark Maresca
    Christine '66 and Thomas Mansfield
    Patricia '66 and Dale Marini
    Sallyann and Jose Martinez
    Susan and Stephen Matazzoni
    Teresa '94 and Ron Matazzoni
    Megan May '10
    Karen '64 and Ken McBride
    Wendy '81 and Dave McDaniel
    Bernie '56 and Milo McDonald
    Sarah and Paul McKenna
    Maggie '89 and John McMahon
    Jill '04 and Logan McMeekin
    Ann and Michael Medici
    Olive Michaelson
    Maggie '51 and Mike Mikkelson
    Caitlin '04 and Jude Miller
    JoAnne and Robert Miller
    Colleen Mohn ‘07
    Pam and Rick Mohn
    Anne Moore '85
    Ellie and Thomas Moore
    Gloria and Joel Moreno
    Danielle Morone '99
    Carrie Schallock and Robert Moss
    Meg '86 and Matthew Moudy
    Anne-Marie '61 and Frank Mourad
    Ann Kennedy Mulchay '67
    Kathleen Alvey Murphy '67
    Mary '85 and Mark Musgrove
    Kathleen Nagaran '03
    Elizabeth Naughton Hopkins '86
    Pamela and James Neumann
    Linda and Frank Neville
    Kendall Newell '04
    Kerry and Leonard Nolan, Jr.
    Allison Norton '08
    Sr. Joanie Nuckols, BVM
    Lawrence O'Donnell
    Marjorie and Karl Ochsner
    Susan Palmer-Hunter '59 and Jim Hunter
    Elisa '80 and Michael O'Hara
    Betty O'Melia
    Erin O'Neill '16
    Amy and Marcus O'Sullivan
    Christine Roark Ortiz '86
    Helene Ossipov and Richard Boyle
    Linda and Mark Otlewski
    Marianne '61 and Robert Parsons
    Jill Partridge '82
    Alice '49 and Dominic Patrone
    Bonnie Pendergast
    Karen '64 and Roger Peterson
    Paula and Larry Petrowski
    Mary Ann Myers Pinski '47
    Carla Pitts-DeBow and Arthur DeBow
    Melanie and Bruce Polk
    Krista Potenza '18
    Kathy '87 and Brian Prebil
    Maura Quigley '05
    Yvonne '50 and Bill Ralston
    Mo+ and Mark Rankin
    Sandra '65 and Bob Rankin
    Michele '74 and Larry Ray
    Joanne '92 and Marc Reitz
    Amy and Paul Rhodes
    Claudia Rios '90
    Lori Ritz
    Mary Burg Romine '51
    Catherine '86 and Joel Robbins
    Sam '09 and Robert Roher
    Joe Romley
    Alejandra Rosarossa
    Deanna and Brian Rose
    Kelly Roy and Ray Pacile
    Kristin '80 and Peter Rubalcava
    Elizabeth '73 and Stephen Rummage
    Cliff Running
    Kathy and Joseph Ryan
    Lori Ryan '80
    Cristina Calderon and Joey Santillan
    Jane and Jeffrey Schmidt
    Jean Schroeder
    Anita and Bruce Scott
    Jennifer and David Scrivner
    Sandy and Gerry Seaquist
    Tui Selvaratnam and Kye Hattemar
    Liz Blair Shears '54
    Janiece Shields
    Beverly '62 and Jack Shiker
    Dipti and Ronald Shoop
    Melissa and Fred Shulski
    Ruthanne '59 and John Skov
    Lindsay and David Simon
    Michele Blakeslee Smirl '64
    Stephanie Sindlinger Smith '61
    Jennifer '96 and Steve Smith
    Susan Sneed
    Jane '65 and Terry Spannagel
    Lisa '75 and John Spini
    Jennifer '87 and Timothy Storey
    Kathleen '84 and Gerard Streifel
    Ann Marie '95 and Pat Sunderhaus
    Julie Suto
    Jessie and Rick Terry
    Judy '67 and Kenneth Terry
    Lisa and Stephen Tessier
    Chuck and Mandy Thomson
    Katherine Tichavsky '05
    Mary Ann '75 and Alexander Topping
    Siena Klik Tueros '82
    Marjorie Boyles Vance '71
    Vanguard Community Fund
    Barbara '63 and Ken Van Houten
    Ginger Vosburgh
    Voya Financial
    Alisha and Bill Watson
    Claire '82 and Mike Weiland
    Jennifer '91 and Michael Weiland
    Charlotte West '05
    Kathleen O'Brien Wicker '54
    Nora and William Wickers
    Theresa '50 and William Wilhoit
    Erin Williams '04
    Sarah Wilson '03
    Sister Lynn Winsor, BVM '61
    Rebecca and Brian A. Worrall
    Amy '92 and Christopher Wren
    Helen and Christopher Yeung
    Alissa Zito '98
    Trudy Kluth and James Zubko
    Roxanna '78 and William Zurek
    Nacho Level (Up to $25)
    Geraldene Forest Areghini '58
    John Armstrong
    Patricia '56 and Kenneth Bauer
    Ricki '67 and Mark Brannon
    Gina '77 and Michael Buldra
    Kelli and John Bunch
    Barbara Byrne '78
    Susan Augustine Carlson '55
    Heather Chapman '86  
    Cecilia Burgos Chavez '60
    Gretchen Cox-Sanders
    Mary Lou '70 and David Dinoffria
    Mary Catherine Dunn '52, BVM
    Arline Keown Elliott '54
    Megan Feeney '13
    Kate '73 and Richard Godwin
    Riley '08 and Christopher Hawkins
    Olivera and Peter Horwath
    Laura Junker '05
    Megan Kase '05
    Elizabeth and Richard Kowalski
    The Kula Foundation
    Felicia and Richard Kurz
    Judy '65 and Frank Lopez
    Edith and Richard Malena
    Martha and Robert McLaughlin
    Sister Mary Ellen Meckley, BVM '53
    Frances Melton '65
    Taylor Miller '04
    Christine '95 and Richard Nelson
    Carol and Nicolas Nunez
    Judy '60 and Jim Porter 
    Anne and Roger Sanger
    Keeley Seniuk '07
    Allison Smith '04
    Patricia Reilly Spillers '69
    Jacquelyn '67 and Thomas Such
    Valerie '88 and Lawrence Sutton
    Judith Griffin Timms '66
  • Legacy of Leadership Capital Campaign

    Capital Campaign
    The Legacy of Leadership Capital Campaign is a bold strategic effort that has transformed the school’s spiritual, academic and extracurricular environment. Be part of Xavier’s leadership tradition by helping us raise the remaining $6.8 million for the Chapel of Our Lady, Founders Hall and Petznick Field. Thank you to all who have supported the Legacy of Leadership Capital Campaign and for empowering young women of faith to experience this beautiful campus for generations to come.

    Donate online today:
    $100,000 to $999,999
    Xavier Mothers’ Guild

    $50,000 to $99,999
    Melissa and Mark Matson
    Kristal and John McGrath
    John and Alice Powers Foundation

    $10,000 to $49,999
    Molly and Michael Carson
    Tara and Mark Cavanaugh
    Tara Glidden and Steven Cohn
    Lauren ’78  and Michael Gordon
    Shawna and Scott Gruwell
    Shari and Erik Miller
    New York Life
    Phoenix Country Club Foundation
    Jodi and Todd Reeg
    Dana and Kevin Smith
    Chip Spellman
    Helen and Christopher Yeung
    Xavier Dads’ Club   
    $5,000 to $9,999
    Julie and Wayne Anderson       
    Alyssa ‘86 and Marc Dinowitz
    Druscilla Doehrman
    Melinda and Brad East
    Kathleen and Dan Grubb
    Carrie and Brian Hall
    Stacy and Jeff Hornaceck
    Stephanie and Guy Inzalaco
    Stuart Kintzinger
    Shelley and Richard Kuhle
    Mary  Maloney
    Lisa and Kirk McAllaster
    Renee and James Osborne
    Merryman and Eugene Putnam
    Wendy ’90 and John Riddell
    Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Phoenix
    Beth Saki-Olsen and Morgan Olsen
    Stephanie and James Schumacher
    Jill and Steven Sciarappo
    Anne and James Spellman
    Mary and Michael Straneva
    Michelle and Larry Tichavsky
    Gina ‘84 and Nicholas Vanderwey
    John Vanderwey
    John Woudenberg
    Monica Woudenberg ‘89
    Toni and Robert Yarwood

    $2,500 to $4,999
    Sadaf and Syed Aftab
    Christine and Michael Castrichini
    Marla and Sean Cunningham
    Sara and Patrick Dial
    Julie Dow
    Jolene and Steven Gabbay
    Lorina and David Gifford
    Heather and Mark Haak
    Shelley and Jeffrey Hubbard
    Brooke ’89 and Craig Machen
    Osborne Maledon,  P.A.
    Elizabeth and Bradley Petersen
    Kathleen ’87  and Brian Prebil
    Karen and Brian Rizzo
    Katie and Wade Stooks
    Areena and Vijenda  Swarup
    Michael Tiffany
    Toni Valdez
    Catalina Velez and Francisco Mira
    Voya Financial

    $1,000 to $2,499
    Julie  Alpert
    Kari Jo and Michael Ash
    Teresa and Patrick Barnwell
    Monnie ‘58 and Martin Calfee
    Martha Batista and Steven Chung
    Laura and Michael Bill
    Stephanie ’88 and Tres Brecheisen
    Staci and Luke Buse
    Shelly Chang and Robert Williamson
    Katie and Todd Chester
    Catherine Connolly ‘63
    Courtesy Chevrolet
    James Culver and Jeff Witt
    Mary and Arthur DeCabooter
    Haley ’91 and Jamie DeMaria
    Carolyn and Michael Donahey
    Tracy and Ted Donley
    Michelle and Gregory Drumm
    Elizabeth ’94 and Neil Duncan
    Mary Sandra and Tom Elder
    Lori and Chris Erblich
    Bernadette Francois and Eric Duquella
    Genentech, Inc.
    Michelle ’82 and Robert Georgeoff
    Marina and Jeronimo Gomez Del Campo
    Lisa Gualtieri ‘78
    Billie Jo Harned
    Megan and John Hink
    Kathleen and Robert Hubbard
    Jacqueline ’84 and Robert Hutt
    Intel Corporation
    Rodney Jackson
    Margaret and Chris Johnson
    Laura and Michael Jordan
    Stacey and Andrew Kelly
    Yolanda and Tim Kinnerup
    Chris and Jason Klonoski
    Jennifer and Jeffrey Komer
    Theresa Liu-Dumlao and Donato Dumlao
    Susannah and Mark Livingston
    Bethany and Rob Longo
    Jodi and Keith MacKenzie
    Jennifer ’84 and Grant MacLennan
    Karen and Dominic Magnoni
    Colleen and Robert Maruster
    Robert McHugh and Mark Winsor
    Erum and Bilal Mian
    Beth and John Moroney
    Lisa and Peter Morrow
    Melissa and David Mullard
    Sister Joanie Nuckols, BVM
    Elaine O’Toole ‘62
    Kara and Mark Peterson
    Maria and Thomas Pomeroy
    Jana and Austin Potenza
    Betty and Stan Reeg
    Annette Schlecht and Mark DePasquale
    Alexa and Jay Schneider
    Maureen and James Silhasek
    Lynne ‘69 and Volker Sonntag
    Lori and James Taszarek
    Ryanne ’94 and Jose Tezanos
    Thunderbird Charities
    Joanna and Ryan Todd
    Kiley and Mathew Ward
    Mary Anne and Richard Webb
    Laura and James Westfall
    Jamie ‘94 and Brad Wright
    Xavier College Preparatory

    $500 to $999
    John and Leslee Allen
    Carola and Manuel  Alvarez
    Jeanne and Dorsey Baker
    Marcia and Kevin Baker
    Lisa Barnes
    Catherine and Chris Bergeron
    Polly and Blair Bindley
    April and Jaime Bouise
    Antje Beth-Joslin and Christopher Joslin
    Jeri and Robert Butts
    Michelle and Todd Caskey
    Dawn and Christopher Celtruda
    Kathleen and Christopher Chaffee
    Maria and William Chavira
    Cathy Clark-Arnold and Jamie Arnold
    Sharon and Craig Cohen
    Sally Conn
    Renee and Christopher  Coury
    Lisa ’89 and Brandon Dale
    Christie and Courtney Davis
    Patty and Phil Dion
    Murray Dow
    Jan and Leo Dressel
    Mary Farrington-Lorch and Martin Lorch
    Sister Joan Fitzgerald, BVM
    Teresa and James Footit
    Emily ‘93 and Sam Fox
    Jill and James Ganem
    Dorcas Guest-Nelson and Tyler Nelson
    Christie and Robert Guthrie
    Kathleen  ’81 and Tom Harris
    Amy and David Jablonksi
    Bridget and Chris Jehle
    William Jehle
    Kim and Chris Johnson
    Nicole ’89 and Todd Karren
    Dayna and Butch Kloeber
    Brooke and Kevin Koop
    William Kozub
    Megan ’90 and Jason Kuhl ‘90
    Lisa and Glenn Leier
    Clare and John Maher
    Amy and Daniel Mahoney
    Diane McCarthy
    Shannan ’86 and Keith McLaine
    Ashley and Tamir Mosharrafa
    Lara and Rich Murphy
    Maria and Nestor Nazareno
    Kerry and Leonard Nolan
    Mary and William Novotny
    Joni and Kendall Oltrogge
    Martha and Lonnie Ostrom
    Gina Palmisano
    Phoenix Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
    Tara ’89 and Tom Ritchie
    Kathleen Killeen Russ ‘78
    Teri and Jim Schumacher
    Amy and Ian Scott
    Glen Sgambati
    Molly and Christopher Siegle
    Sisters of Charity, BVM
    Rhonda and Clark Smith
    Taria and Travis Smith
    Jeanette and John Szafran        
    Peg and Tony Tanner
    Theresa and Stephen Tornquist
    Debbie and Todd Tupper
    Kathleen ’83 and Gregory Vallado
    Julia and John Vanderwey
    Holly and Kenneth Van Winkle
    Julie  ’76 and Blake Warner
    Linda and Bart Wear
    Alicia and Steve Wolfson
    Michelle ‘83 and Christopher Zachar

    $250 to $499
    May and Eric Abraham             
    Erin ‘84 and Al Alaimo
    Stephanie and Linc  Altdoerffer
    Kimberly and Taber Anderson
    Lynette Anderson
    Maria Martin Anderson ‘76
    Kate and David Arthur
    Debbie and Michael Bailey
    Leila and Jason Barraza
    Amy and Buzz Bartylla
    Therese and Glenn  Bassett, Jr.
    Allyson and David Beckham
    Phyllis and Lawrence Besenfelder
    Molly and Mark Bland
    BNY Mellon Matching Gifts
    Erin Bratton ‘13
    Tara ’96 and Kevin Calihan
    Heidi and Dino Camunez          
    Gretchen Carey
    Regina and Robert Castellani
    Desiree and John Coats
    Stacey and Joseph Cotroneo
    Andrea ’78 and Steve Cullinan
    Leah and B.J. Dines
    Angie and Andy Dunlap
    Lainie and John Ehmann
    Sarah ’90 and Carlos Estrada
    Katie ’97 and Adrian Evarkiou
    Stasche and Nelson Ewing II
    Neychelle Fernandes and Christopher Roca
    J. Michael Ferry
    Mary Kay and Lawrence Field
    Susan French
    Jennifer and Patrick Funke
    Karley and Martin Galindo
    Sarah and Garrick Gallagher
    Shannon and Richard Gillis
    Marianne Gouveia ‘76
    Ann and John Healy
    Nancy Esser Heffron ‘78
    Geriann and John Heslin
    Dottie and Joseph Hessel
    Lana ’85 and Bradford Holmes
    Betsy Homsher ‘68
    Angela and William Hutchinson
    Sheryl and Mark Jones
    Leslie Kanda
    Caroline and James Keating
    Stephanie ’81 and John Kerkorian
    Debra and James Kline
    Nancy Knight
    John Kobierowski
    Michelle and Jon Larmore
    Dianna and Peter Lawrence
    Nicole and Richard Lebel
    Keri ’91 and Matt Lee
    Sage Lentz
    Wendy Lentz
    Molly ’89 and Kevin Lewis
    Lori and Jake Logan
    Carol and John MacLeod
    Patricia Marquez-Jasinski and Timothy Jasinski
    Claudia and Blake McClelland
    Ellen and Kenneth McCoy
    Sheila and Taylor Melvin
    Lisa and Joseph Meyer
    Germaine and Jon Mirmelli
    Julie and Peter Mohrhauser
    Joan Battersby Mones ’70 and Robert Gallivan
    Lisa and Peter Morrow
    Yvette and Stephen Mulligan
    Janelle and Bill Nebeker
    Chrystal and Ronald Nielson
    Kathy and Mike Norton
    Kellie Parker
    Linda Parmoon
    Personal Touch Catering
    Jennifer and Anthony Pescatore
    Julie and Jeff Peterson
    Rae-Anne ’99 and Aarin Phillips
    Teresa Prado-Ventoza and Luis Ventoza
    Sandra Ranger
    Hazel and Arturo Rios
    Mary Roediger ‘18
    Janet and Daniel Rush
    Bethany and Jason Schmidt
    Susanne and William Schubert,  Jr.
    Susan Self
    Sara ’87 and John Shannon
    Marissa May Sharpless ‘03
    Tamera and Gregory Skrovan
    Linda Suhler
    Julie Suto
    Peggy and Paul Wagner
    Heather and Deron Webb
    Kelly and Andrew Welty
    Cassondra and Matthew Whitaker
    Kellie and Brad Whitlow
    Shannon and Jay Wiley
    Becky and Brian Worrall
    Sophia and John Lu
    Richard Zacher

    Up to $249
    E. Suzann ’97 and David Abbott
    Lisa and Robert Abeln
    Christina ’00 and Derek Ackerman
    Casey ‘93 and Aric Adams
    Julie ’82 and Thomas Adelson
    Amy Adkins
    Tracy and John Ager
    Catherine ’95 and Matt Agro
    Peter Aiello
    April and Jesus Alejos
    Judy Alpert 
    Rachel Anderson
    Nancy and William Anger
    Karen and Robert Armknecht
    John Armstrong
    Samantha Asher
    Marcia and John Asher
    Kathleen and Kenneth Ashton
    Brette ’89 and Grant Baeker
    Sarah Bagwell ’91 and Anthony Lubin
    Kristin and Rick Baker
    Kathleen and Mark Baldree
    Gregory Banchik
    Kimberly Barr
    Tinamarie Barton
    Tracy and Louis Basile, Jr.
    Betsy Bayless ‘62
    Mary ’83 and Wallace Beall
    Margy and Steve Beaver
    Amy Benjamin
    Mackenzie Berk
    Paty and Jeff Bhatti
    Nina and Bradford Blaicher
    Barbara Bond and Roger Choquette
    Amy and Kevin Bonner
    Betty and Herb Bool
    Shannon Brewer
    Stephanie Briguglio
    Deborah and Thomas Brinkman
    Bradford and Jonathan Brohard
    Samantha and Wes Brown
    Jaclynne and John Brown
    Mary Ellen and Dave Brown
    Cameron Brownlow-Fields
    Clare and Timothy Broyles
    Curtis Bruggman
    Gordon Bugg
    Heidi ’84 and John Bullington
    Kristen Bunger ‘05
    Mary Wylie Butterfield ‘03
    Jennifer Butts ‘05
    Camilla and Chadwick Byrd
    Brian Cabianca
    Janet and Paul Caldarelli
    Emily and Daniel Calihan
    Alicia and Greg Cardellini
    Katie and Gregory Caris
    Ashley and Todd Carlson
    Aaron Carpenter ‘92
    Diane Carrizoza ’86 and Joseph Oviatt
    Joseph Castorino  III
    Monique and Alex Cenac
    Hillary ’89 and Edward Charles
    Cecilia Burgos Chavez ‘60
    Joan Chun and Yin Chin Chang
    Stephanie and James Coder
    Lara and Carlton Cole
    Jennifer and Michael Collins
    Michelle and Paul Conn
    Susie and Frank Cons
    Aimee Conroy ’85 and Daniel Nelson
    Kylie Cook
    Mary and Reginald Cooper
    Tracy and Craig Coppola
    Carolina and Lawrence Corbett
    Claire Aton Costello ‘04
    Delores Cox
    Alyssa Crockett ‘92
    Cassidy Cunningham ‘13
    Lisa ’89 and Brandon Dale
    Nancy Herbuveaux D’Angelo ‘49
    Laura and John Dannerbeck
    Christy and Degler Davies
    Wendee and Trent Debusk
    Natalie and Rusty Dees
    Erin ’99 and Clay Denk
    Virginia Dertina
    Suzanne Dickey
    Lindsey ’03 and Joseph Dies
    Dina and Thomas DiGiovanni
    Camille Donaldson ‘49
    Tracy and Ted Donley
    Shannon ’90 and Brian Dowdell
    Kirsten ’98 and John Dunlap
    Jane Edmunds
    Tammie Elsey
    Suzanne and Terry Ell
    Jen Estse and Glen Daignault
    Andrea Evans
    Rebecca ’82 and John Even
    Shauna ’84 and Alan Farmer
    Miriam Faulkner
    Ellen and Robert Fedorka
    Melissa and John Fees
    Sandra and Andrew Fernandez
    Mary Ellen and Mike Ferring
    Mary ’50 and Mario Fierros
    Deejah Figueroa ‘89
    Suzie Figueroa ‘75
    Tara Fischer
    Mackenzie Fitz-Gerald ’04 and Kevin Kemper
    Valerie ’99 and Matthew Fitz-Gerald
    Elena Flores-Breese’00 and Jeff Breese
    Wiljane and Timothy Flynn
    Ann ’78 and Mark Folger
    Christie ’93 and Brian Frakes
    Stacy Frakes
    Ann Freitas
    Laura French ‘92
    Harriet Friedland
    Bronwyn and Carter Froelich
    Cynthia and Wayne Fuchs
    Maria Theresa and Maurizo Galasso
    Denise and Gabriel Garcia
    Jameela and David Gardos
    Susie ’89 and Michael Garlick
    Elizabeth and Jeffrey Garrett
    Dion ’88 and Dennis Geary
    Rana and Marwan Ghazoul
    Cara and Michael Gillem
    Tracey and Kevin Gleason
    Shauna and Jochen Gliss
    Kathleen and David Graf
    Bernice ’56 and Edward Greaney
    Nancy ’73 and John Grucky
    Deb and Wes Gullett
    Sylvia and Jeffrey Guyton
    Dorothy and Charles Haines
    Ann Halaby
    Sarah Haley ‘08
    Dayna ’84 and Norman Hall
    Catherine and Thomas Hall
    Kari and Jeffrey Halperin
    Kathryn Halter ‘83
    Ann ’87 and Daniel Hannoun
    Dixie and Michael Hardin
    Julie and Thomas Hartman, Jr.
    Valerie and Ron Hauptman
    Collyn Hawley
    Mara Hayes
    Whitney ’95 and Benton Heglie
    Heather Hendon-Alvarez ‘00
    Kendra Henline
    Sonya and Lawrence Herrera
    Patricia Hermann
    Sia Sipsas-Hermann and Don Hermann
    Caroline Higgins-Wallen
    Eden ’83 and Patrick Higgins
    Krista Hizme
    Carol and Carl Hodus
    Michelle Houser
    Courtney Hughes ‘98
    Gary Husk
    Nanette Hutchinson
    Karyl  ’60 and Frank Iannone
    Molly Iarocci ‘03
    Brooke ’99 and David Ide
    Anne  ’86 and Curtis Ingram
    Jessica Itule ‘05
    Wendy Iwata ’85 and John Yerxa
    Patricia and Richard Jackman
    Julie Jakubek ‘87
    Delores Jakubeck
    Amanda and Benjamin Jemsek
    Shannon and Tim Jones
    Laura Junker ‘05
    Kate Kaiser ‘05
    Lisa ’86 and Spencer Kamps
    Jennifer and Chris Karas
    Sharon and Bob Katzin
    Jane Keahon
    Holly and Leslie Keeble
    Paula and Robert Kehoe
    Mara Kelly ‘87
    Peter Kelly
    Suzanne and Timothy Kempton
    Melissa and Steven Kenly
    Melissa and Scott Keppel
    Laurena Ketzel-Kerber and Keith Kerber
    Megan Kielty ‘03
    Colleen Kielty  ‘05
    Stacey and Kevin Kilb
    Marcia Killeen
    Penny Koepke
    Patty ’78 and Mark Konecki
    Maureen and Carl Kotlarz
    Lindsey ’97 and John Kriz
    Trude Kronenberg
    Gina and Brian Kruckenberg
    Leslie ’86 and Craig Lamp
    Meredith Lane
    Kitty ’82 and Drew Langmade
    Stefanie and Michael Larriva
    Sonya ’90 and Tim Lasota
    Andrea and Dale Lee
    Leslie and Todd Lehr
    Michelle and John Leon
    Franki and Mark Leonard
    Connie ’49 and Joseph Levesque
    Kimberly and Jamie Limber
    Jacque and Greg Linaman
    Elizabeth ’82 and Joseph Lockett
    Valery Lodato
    Alexandra Baldree Longo ‘00
    Davida Cisneros and David Luebke
    Jennifer and Michael Lum Lung
    Caroline Lynch ‘92
    Patty and Christopher MacDonald
    Sarah and William Madden
    Charlaine Majchrzak
    Teresa ’78 and Alexander Malkoon
    Jennifer and Joseph Malone
    Shelley Martin
    Chris Matthews
    Kristin and Brent Maxwell
    James McAndrew
    Jocelyn Ellington McCanse ‘98
    Kaitlyn McCreary ‘05
    Jennifer and Joseph McGinty
    Emily and Sean McLaughlin
    Margie Meckley, BVM ‘53
    Marge and John Mehagian
    Cindy ‘85 and Kelly Mero
    Katherina and Alex Messina
    Allison ’98 and David Mikes
    Maggie ’51 and Mike Mikkelson
    Sarah ’84 and Michael Miller
    Mary ’82 and Dan Minton
    Robin Miskell
    Ashley Mitchell
    Amy and Jonathan Molina
    Theresa and John Montalvo III
    Danielle Morone ‘99
    Mary Mulligan ’77 and John Hathaway
    Gina and Kevin Munk
    Michael Murphy
    Lori and Glenn Myrick
    Pam and Greg Nash
    Robin Nebrich-Duda
    Mary and Bryan Neff
    Stacey Nichols and Richard Righi
    Jackie and Timothy Niebling
    Chrystal and Ronald Nielson
    Chuck Nordman
    Kelly Woods and Jay Nunez
    Brynn ’85 and Daniel O’Connell
    Timothy O’Neil
    Jacquelain Vollmer Orcutt ‘01
    Mary Treon Orton ‘78
    Margaret Ostendorf
    Linda and Mark Otlewski
    Mary Overton  ’68
    Julie ‘84 and Tom Palmer
    Tiffany Pankow
    Elaine ‘57 and Russell Pantano
    Maureen and Dawn Parrish
    Lauren ’89 and Shaun Parson
    Alice ’49 and Dominic Patrone
    Lisa Payne
    James Pederson
    Bonnie Pendergast
    Tresha Peeples
    Lindsay Perry ‘00
    Mary and Richard Perry
    Jennifer and Martin Peters
    Liz ’88 and John Pierson
    Stephanie and Chip Pisoni
    Melanie and Bruce Polk
    Shirley and Charles Polk
    Becky and Gary Pryor
    Elizabeth ’89 and Phillip Qualman
    Ashley ’91 and John Ragan
    Patricia Carrion Ragsdale ‘78
    Maria and Jose Ramirez
    Ann ’67 and Pete Rathwell
    Grace Campbell Rebling ‘03
    Michelle and George Reck, Jr.
    Vicki Richardson
    Mollie Richter
    Kathleen and Donald Rimlinger
    Cecilia ’85 and Roger Riviere    
    Dona ’49 and Harry Roberson
    Lauren Roberts ‘05
    Mary Kay and Blake Rodgers
    Mary Burg Romine ‘51
    Katie Rubin
    Michelle and Hector Ruiz
    Heidi and Scott Ryan
    Barbara and Edward Ryan
    Stacy Ryan ‘01
    Tracy and Stephen Ryan
    Dana and Nicholas Sabatino
    Jenny Riviera Salazar and Carlos Salazar
    Elizabeth Sarvas ‘05
    Maura ’95 and Robert Saxelby  
    Marie Schmitt ‘49
    Marjorie and David Schumacher
    Amy and Raymond Schwab
    Marcia Scott
    Charlotte and Stephen Scott
    Joan and Kevin Scott
    Judith Sebanc
    Sharon and Robert Semple
    Krisitn Serrano
    Jennifer and Michael Sharp
    Margo and David Shein
    Beverly ’62 and Jack Shiker
    Michelle ’03 and Colin Shipley
    Tricia and Scott Shyman
    Ashley and Christopher Simpson
    Sharee and Jerome Sims II
    Sarah Smith
    Mary Bowerman-Smith and Jeffrey Smith
    Shannon and Thomas Smith
    Stacie and Peter Smith
    Susan and Chris Snodgrass
    Kristina and Sean Spellman
    Kasey Erickson Sprague ‘97
    Sammy and David Springer
    Anne ’83 and Mike Starkle
    Andrea Ager Stegman ‘87
    Susan and Gregory Steinhilber
    Michelle and Jeff Stelnik
    Carolyn Stevens
    Kevin Stoddard
    John Stooks
    Ursula Stephans
    Aida and Carlos Sugich
    Ann Marie ’95 and Pat Sunderhaus
    Jane and Steve Surgent
    Nicole and Mark Tarbell
    Erin ’84 and Chris Tawney
    Jessie and Rick Terry
    Jodi Hughes Thinnes ‘93
    Katherine Thompson ‘05
    Meredith Thomson ‘98
    Diane and Christopher Toci
    Joanne and Michael Trueman
    Michelle and Todd Trout
    Joseph Trovini
    Dina and Steven Tseffos
    Linda Valenzuela and Ernesto Amaro
    Shawna and Jeffrey Van Norman
    Suzanne Vanderhoff
    Cathy and Dave Venezia
    Lisa and Warren Vickers
    Suzanne Vogrin and John Varga
    Janis and Jim Voorhees
    Emily Ward ‘05
    Shawna and Randy Warner
    Chris Watts
    Jaqueline ’01 and Andy Weflen
    Claire ’82 and Mike Weiland
    Phyllis ’64 and Randy Weiland
    Judy ’69 and Brian Weisel
    Kim and Robert Whetstone
    Gerrie and David Wilhelm
    Sister Lynn Winsor, BVM ‘61
    Polly and Edward Wintergalen
    Susan and Michael Wissink
    Mary ’70 and Tom Wisz
    Sarah Wolfswinkle
    Kathy and Len Wood
    Kimberly and Paul Woodbury
    Lynda and Tom Woodhead
    Wendy and John Woodrow
    Crystal Woodward
    Suzanne and Joseph Worden
    Angela Woudenberg ‘97
    Mary Yavelak
    Maureen ’02 and Matt Young
    Sandra and Brian Yuh
    Kelly Yunis
    Ellie Zapata ‘92
    Elizabeth Zorn
    Roxanna ’78 and William Zurek
  • Catholic Education Arizona

    Catholic Education Arizona
    The following community members redirected their Arizona tuition tax credit dollars to Catholic Education Arizona for students attending Xavier College Preparatory. These essential dollars fund scholarships for the 45 percent of students who qualify for financial assistance.

    Donate today: Contact Amy O’Sullivan at
    May and Eric Abraham
    Karen Abraham
    Erin '84 and Al Alaimo
    Shelly Alaska
    Michele Albo
    Ellen and Greg Allare
    Harry Allen
    Judy Alpert
    Stephanie and Linc Altdoerffer
    Susan and Michael Anastasio
    Ruth and John Arabia
    Gloria and Luis Argueso
    Robin and John Arterburn II
    Angelina Artuso
    Kari Jo and Michael Ash
    Julianne '07 and Kenny Averbuck
    Sherry and Charles Ayala
    Linda and Glen Bair
    Jeanne and Dorsey Baker
    Tisha and Blaine Bandi
    Anupama and Parmjeet Banghar
    Maria and Kirk Barberich
    Anne and James Barilar
    Ann '80 and Mark Barker
    Kathie and Stephen Barnes
    Audrey and Jerry Barrett
    Lois Bartholomew
    Donna Bates
    Barbara Bauer
    Melissa and Stephen Baum
    Mary Ellen and William Baxter
    Betsey Bayless '62
    Kathleen and John Beaver
    Linda and Ward Bell
    Barbara and Joe Beringer
    Barbara and Michael Berman
    Ann and Jack Bernard
    Phyllis and Lawrence Besenfelder
    Kathie Beshoner '70
    Fritz Bessemyer
    Alison Best
    Cathy and Joel Bez
    Janet and Neil Bianchini
    Billie Bigler
    Catalina and Roman Bilducea
    Polly and Blair Bindley
    Denise Blommel and Donald Doerres
    Mary Lee '61 and William Blommel
    Judy Boch
    Rosemary and Anthony Bochna
    Cynthia Bochna '94
    Kate Boehm '03
    Jeanne and Karl Bohman
    Mary Boland
    Amy and Kevin Bonner
    Amy and Christopher Bos
    Teresa '76 and Tim Boughton
    Angela and Eric Braun
    Carol and Mark Brennan
    Savannah Bridges
    Curtis Bruggman
    Lamar-Renee Bryant
    Leah and Damaso Bueno
    Lisa and Michael Bukata
    Kelli and John Bunch
    Marie and Michael Burnett
    Lisa and James Burns
    Sarah and William Bushong
    Lauren Carr and John Butkiewicz
    Jeri and Robert Butts
    Mary and Robert Byrnes
    Susan and Michael Cabano
    Sarah and Gary Cabirac
    Mary and Charles Cafazza
    Shelly '81 and Greg Cahill
    Janet and Paul Caldarelli
    Geraldine '95 and Jeremy Calhoun
    Debbie and Allan Cameron
    Nohemi Camou
    Heidi and Dino Camunez
    Katherine and Robert Cantwell
    Alden Carbine
    Johanna Carlisle
    Susan Augustine Carlson '55
    Jennifer and Joseph Carper
    Lydia Casillas
    Tara and Mark Cavanaugh
    Mary Ann and Marc Cavness
    Anne and Robert Celentano
    Dawn and Christopher Celtruda
    Stephanie and JD Chastain
    Maria and William Chavira
    Debbie Chen
    Barbara Bond and Roger Choquette
    Joan Frances and Lawrence Chua
    Barbara Chura
    Rose and Joseph Circello
    Elizabeth and Jon Cline
    Rhonda Baldwin and Gary Cluff
    Gary Cochran
    Lynne and Thomas Cody
    Catherine Coffman
    Libby and Joel Cohen
    Sharon and Craig Cohen
    Doug Cole
    Kate and Kit Conley
    Sally Conn
    Michelle and Paul Conn
    Linda and Dennis Connolly
    Ileana and Robert Connolly
    Suzanne and Peter Connolly
    Catherine Connolly '63
    Aimee Conroy '85 and Daniel Nelson
    Susan Contreras
    Valerie and Bruce Converse
    Kathleen and Robert Conway
    Jane and Michael Conway
    Krisa Cooper
    Teresa Corderman
    Judy and John Cosden
    Alice and David Courtney
    Debby and James Crawford
    Sandra and Matthew Cromey
    Linda and Michael Crowley
    Pamela and Gene Cullan
    Mary Ellen and Patrick Cunningham
    Karen Curosh '79 and Bob Coltin
    Regina '01 and Michael Curtis
    Marie Daley-Jackson
    Donna and Robert DaSilva
    Rhiannon and Scott Davenport
    Christie and Courtney Davis
    Sandra Day
    Marie Helen De Soler
    Kathy '66 and John Deignan
    Rosemary DeLeon
    Jose Delgado
    Joy and Leo Dembinski
    Breanne DeMore ’09
    Nicole DeMore ’96
    Judy and James Derouin
    Virginia Dertina
    Elizabeth and Joe Devine
    Rachel '04 and Seth Dhaenens
    Enrique Diaz
    Violet Rael and David Dick
    Douglas Dieker
    Cheryl '83 and Thomas Dimmick
    Alyssa '86 and Marc Dinowitz
    Stacy and Tony DiStefano
    Sue Ross and Ted Dodenhoff
    Renee and Louis Dominguez
    Carolyn and Michael Donahey
    Patricia and John Donahue
    Shannon and Patrick Donaldson
    Tishin '89 and Jason Donkersley
    Dede and Joseph Donofrio
    Mary Grace and Martin Doss
    Julie Dow
    Preston Doyle
    Frances Blake Ducar ’83
    Theresa and Donato Dumlao
    Alison Dunn
    Laura Duvall
    Teresa and Michael Easley
    Leslie Eckland
    Connie and Mark Edelman
    Georgia and Randy Ellexson
    Michelle Enciso
    Lori and Chris Erblich
    Maureen and Michael Esparza
    Karl Espinosa
    Juan Espinoza
    Kathryn and Lindsley Evans
    Katie '97 and Adrian Evarkiou
    Brittanie Fain '06
    Stephany and Henry Fajkowski
    Mary '67 and Frank Fall
    Ellen and Robert Fedorka
    Anne and Mark Feeney
    Harriet Feit
    Lee Ann and Rich Fennessy
    Lisa and Edward Fischer
    Remi Fitzgerald
    Shaun Fitzgerald
    Nanette Ford
    Lawrence Forsythe
    Jennifer and Robert Foster
    Cathy '76 and Mark Frank
    Jack Friedland
    Maria and Mark Friedman
    Cynthia and Wayne Fuchs
    Rhonda '80 and Steven Fullmer
    Sandra Galache
    M-Lucille and George Gallery
    Kathleen and Thomas Gannon
    Elizabeth and Sylvan Ganz
    Catherine and Shael Gardner
    Naoko Garrison
    Monica '92 and Randy Gaspar
    Crystal Gentry
    Sharon and Gene Gibbons
    Brianna '04 and Jeff Gilbert
    Kristin and Gary Gilger
    Cara and Michael Gillem
    Shannon and Richard Gillis
    Jennifer Gillom
    Susan Gin-Shaw
    Cathy and Gil Gomez
    Kenda and Edwin Gonzales
    Adriana Holy and Alan Gordon
    Lauren '78 and Michael Gordon
    Patricia and Robert Graham
    Carol Graziano '93
    Lucia and Gerardo Gregorio
    Carolyn and Daniel Griedl
    Rose Marie and Rudolph Griego
    Yonghee Grinstead
    Kathy and Dan Grubb
    Marina and Dragan Grubisic
    Lisa Gualtieri '78
    Yolanda and Tomas Guerra
    Lisa and Todd Gunzy
    Christine and Robert Guthrie
    Robin and Edward Haag
    Heather and Mark Haak
    Mary and Ernest Hagenmaier
    Carol and David Halter
    Linda and James Hamilton, Jr.
    Mary Lyn Hammer
    Alma Romero Hamrick and Tony Hamrick
    Ann Haney
    Kathleen and John Hanneken
    Melinda and Ted Hansen
    Mary Hanss
    Joseph Hanss
    Sophia and James Harder
    Margaret Hardy
    Caren and Todd Haring
    Mary Harkins
    Carolyn Schuetter Harper '68
    Yvette and Michael Harrington
    Kathleen '81 and Tom Harris
    Gail and Stephen Hartman
    Patricia and Steven Hattrup
    Nancy Heffron '78
    Marly and Joseph Heintz
    Samantha and Richard Helmers
    Rhonda and Duane Hendrickson
    Nancy and Timothy Herbst
    Mary Anne Fernandez Herding '81
    Stephanie '87 and Bill Herf
    Angella '99 and Mario Herrera
    Kathleen and William Hibbets
    Grace and Paul Hicks
    Eden '83 and Patrick Higgins
    Pat '62 and Norman Hinz
    Carol and Carl Hodus
    Dominique and David Hoelzinger
    Bobbi '99 and Matt Morgan
    Lana '85 and Brad Holmes
    Lea Ann and Jeffrey Holzmeister
    Colleen and Stephen Hook
    Marybeth and Mark Howard
    Kelly and Richard Hubbard
    Jayne and Kent Hughes
    Judith Boyle and Brian Hull
    Sarah and Bradley Hulsey
    Lorraine and Jim Humphrey
    Sandy Falduto Humphreys '65
    Pamela and Lou Iacovo
    Gina '97 and Ryan Iker
    Joe and Carol Isbell
    Jamie Itule
    Evelyn and David Jablonski
    Marie Jackson
    Kimberly and William Jacobsen
    Jennifer Schumacher James '88
    Patricia Marquez-Jasinski and Timothy Jasinski
    Bridget and Christopher Jehle
    Kathryne Johnson
    Deanna Johnson '10
    Margaret and Chris Johnson
    Alina Jonson
    Ann and Jeffrey Jorgenson
    Ani Joseph
    Marlene Joy
    Barbara and John Kain
    Leslie Kanda
    Charles Karasek
    Molly and Timothy Kasparek
    Kathleen Kassmann
    Sharon and Bob Katzin
    Laura and Robert Kec
    Carol and Vincent Keenan
    Cynthia Kegowicz
    Jennifer '99 and Brian Keller
    Stacey and Andrew Kelly
    Julie and Paul Kent
    Laurena and Keith Kerber
    Stephanie ’81 and John Kerkorian
    Don Ketchum
    Colleen Kielty '05
    Meghan Kielty '03
    Theresa '75 and Mike Kiley
    Sharen and Michael Kitlas
    Teresa and Norman Klein
    Rose '84 and Tom Knapp
    Gina and Damon Knight
    William Koch
    Dee Kordek
    Melissa Krueger
    Kathy and Greg Kruzel
    Ellen and Joseph Kryc
    Teresa and Mark Kucera
    Megan ’90 and Jason Kuhl
    Jackie Kunkel-Brown
    Alisa and Michael Lacey
    Sue and Mark Landy
    Stephen Lane
    Marie Lynda Laprise Sewell
    Bridget and Peter Larkin
    Katherine Larkin
    Mary Lou and Ronald Larson
    Sheila Byrne Lawrence
    James Layne
    Ronna Layne
    Brenda and Timothy Lee
    Lisa and Glenn Leier
    Rosemarie and Thomas Lemon
    Glenda and Terrence Levendowski
    Charlene and John Lewis
    Stacy and Thomas Liddy
    Christine and Bruce Lincoln
    B.J. Lippincott
    Susannah and Mark Livingston
    Barbara and David Long
    Olivia and Dan Long
    Bethany and Rob Longo
    Marilyn Looker
    Rachel and John Lopez
    Aide and Jose Lopez
    Mary Farrington-Lorch and Martin Lorch
    Elizabeth and Jose Loyola
    Michael Lueken
    Gema and Paul Luna
    Michele and Robert Lundstedt
    Catherine and Ross Luther
    Kristin Lynch
    Maria and Ray Maarouf
    Nicole Mabante
    Barbara and Maxwell MacCollum
    Jodi and Keith MacKenzie
    Nancy and Anthony Mackey
    Sophia and Christian Mackey
    Carol and John MacLeod
    Kathleen and Bob Ryan
    Denise Macrina
    Karen and Dominic Magnoni
    Mary Sue and Jack Magura
    Mi Nor and Raymond Mah
    Yen and Hoang Mai
    Suzanne Maiers
    Vicki and Keith Maio
    Janet Mambrino
    Luz Mogrovejo and Martin Marcotte
    Mark Maresca
    Bridget and Michael Martin
    Claudia and Daniel Marum
    Jane Maurer
    Lisa and Jeffrey Maxcy
    Kristin and Brent Maxwell
    Lisa and Kirk McAllaster, Jr.
    Michael McCabe
    Corinne and Gerald McCafferty
    Diane McCarthy
    Patty and Dan McCarthy
    Linda and Michael McCarthy
    Ellen and Kenneth McCoy
    Frances and Nathan Ward
    Carole and George McManus
    Lisa and John McMorrow
    Alison and Joseph Mead
    Andrea Medina Carbine
    Emma and Eduard Melik-Karamov
    Sheila and Taylor Melvin III
    Paul Mercier
    Maria and Anthony Mesquita
    Tara Metzger
    Elyse and Rich Meyer
    Erum and Bilal Mian
    Carol Ann Michaelson '89
    Mary and Robert Michel
    Susan Milano
    Sara '84 and Michael Miller
    Sharon Miller
    Stacy and Matthew Missigman
    Beth and Reed Mittelstaedt
    DeeDee and Jan Mittelstaedt
    Nancy and Ernest Modzelewski
    Ellie and Thomas Moore
    Marisela Morales
    Noemi and William Morales
    Carrie Schallock and Robert Moss
    Kelly Moss and Terrence Nowicki
    Wendy and Brian Mostoller
    Rita and Kenneth Mote
    Tanya and Timothy Moulton
    Mangala and Rama Muddaraj
    Melinda Murphy
    Maria Murphy-Fontes '80 and Robert Fontes
    Kristina Nagaran '02
    Joan Nagel
    Maria and Nestor Nazareno
    Janelle and Bill Nebeker
    Katherine and Mark Nelson
    Margaret Nelson and Ray Buzard
    Jonah Nelson
    Elena and Mark Nethers
    Linda and Frank Neville
    Hung and Thuy Nguyen
    Veronica and Mamadou Niang
    Patricia Nichols
    Tami and Joseph Nietupski
    Kathy and Mike Norton
    Melia K. L. Ochsner
    Sally Odegard
    Mary and Kent Oertle
    Jennifer and Marc Olivier
    Beth Saiki-Olsen and Morgan Olsen
    Sharon and Matthew Olson
    Patricia O'Neil and Daniel Nunes
    Alex Onofrei
    Amy and Marcus O'Sullivan
    Linda and Mark Otlewski
    Diane Palmer '76
    Susan Palmer-Hunter and Jim Hunter
    Jean and Mike Palumbo
    Maria and Daniel Para
    Linda Parmoon
    Marilyn Parson
    Lauren '89 and Shaun Parson
    Robert Pascente
    Gail and John Paschall
    Neeta and Bharat Patel
    Seena Patel
    Robert Peak
    Erika Peinado
    Vanessa Peinado
    Melissa Peña
    Bonnie Pendergast
    Nubia and Edwin Perez
    Marianne Barrett and Raymond Pernot
    Jennifer and Anthony Pescatore
    Lynda and James Peterman
    Paula and Lawrence Petrowski
    Melinda and Earl Petznick
    Kimberley and Chris Pfaff
    Kathleen Phalen ’76
    Hang Tran and Tuan Pham
    Patricia and Andreas Philippakis
    Michele and Peter Phillippi
    Elizabeth and Joseph Pontecorvo
    Jana and Austin Potenza
    Melita Prins
    Tracey '78 and Steven Pritulsky
    Josefina Pulido
    Jolinda Nestor Pullen ’01
    Mary and Edward Purkiss
    Merryman and Eugene Putnam, Jr.
    Monica and Emmett Quill
    Leslie and William Quinn
    Marian and Robert Ragel
    Roy Ramirez
    Joanne and Edward Rapp
    Addey and Carlos Rascon
    Elizabeth and Jorge Rascón
    Heidi and Jack Rasor
    Ann '67 and Peter Rathwell
    Teresa Akey Ray '64
    Noreen and Jack Reed
    Jodi and Todd Reeg
    Mara and Neil Reithinger
    Maryann and Craig Richardson
    Rebecca and Dan Richter
    Carole and David Rigg
    Margaret O'Sullivan and Thomas Riggs
    Michele and Patrick Riley
    Vicki and Rafael Rios
    Karen and Brian Rizzo
    Lauren and Randolf Roberts
    Janice Robillard
    Paige '06 and Matt Rogers
    Marcia Kriemler and Richard Romero
    Joe Romley
    David Roney
    Ofelia Rosales
    Alejandra Rosarossa
    Deanna and Brian Rose
    Sherry and Paul Roshka, Jr.
    Gwen and Joseph Rowitsch
    Mason Roy
    Julio Rubio
    Teresa Leyba Ruiz and Bobby Ruiz
    Heidi and James Rula
    Laura L'Heureux and Craig Rundbaken
    Vanessa Running ’89
    Jill and Thomas Runyon
    Sylvia and James Russell
    Tracy and Stephen Ryan
    Kathryn and Joseph Ryan
    Kathryn and Pierre Saint Amour
    Leah '01 and Zach Sakas
    Josefina Salcido
    Maria Salcido
    Narciso Saldana
    Anne and Charles Saletta
    Gabrielle Vitale and Adrien Sanchez
    Julie and Douglas Sash
    Ann ’80 and Shannon Scheel
    Tara '93 and Brian Schiltz
    Nancy and Thomas Schissel
    Jessica Schmidt
    Lauren and Richard Schur
    Anita and Bruce Scott
    Joan and Kevin Scott
    Kelly Scovel
    Stacy Seger
    Marina and Giovanni Seghezzo
    Phillip Segura
    Patricia Burson and Stephen Sein
    Tui Selvaratnam and Kye Hattemar
    Missy and Brian Shackelford
    Carolinne Shaffer
    Jolyn and Jim Shikany
    Tina and George Shook
    Dipti and Ronald Shoop
    Catherine and Robert Shupp, Jr.
    Darby Shupp
    Tonya and William Signa
    Martha and Daniel Silva
    Sandra and Matthew Simon
    Sharee and Jerome Sims II
    Erlinda and Clement Singarajah
    Ann Skanadore '77
    Leslie and Dennis Skarecky
    Cheryl and Carl Skornik
    Tamera and Gregory Skrovan
    Susan Slasor
    Christy and Andrew Smigielski
    Maryla Smigielski
    Mary Bowerman-Smith and Jeffrey Smith
    Dorian and Jerry Smith
    Veronica Smith
    Christina and Michael Sorrentino
    Lynne and Tim Steckbeck
    Doug Stegman
    Diane Stengel
    Sarah Stengel '11
    Terry and Lesley Stenzel
    Jean and Todd Stoa
    Kristine and David Stocking
    Jeannette and James Strange
    Jennifer Strange '96
    Ruth and Geoff Stricklin
    Elisa Strocchio-Bell '88 and Sean Bell
    Joseph Sury
    Julie Suto
    Areena and Vijendra Swarup
    Seth Swerdlow
    Tim and Kathy Szkatulski
    Jennifer Szkatulski '03
    Esilda and Mauricio Taborda
    Dorra Tang '93
    Peg and Tony Tanner
    Amy O'Loughlin and Harry Teaford
    Judy '67 and Kenneth Terry
    Tanya and Jim Thal
    Patricia and John Thompson III
    Trisha Thompson '10
    Michelle and Larry Tichavsky
    Diane and Thomas Tierney
    Christine Tiffany
    Ann-Marie Hyland and Chris Traynor
    Amanda '04 and Daniel Trombley
    Anne Tsui
    Joyce and William Turner
    Dorothy Baran and James Tweedley
    Kerry and Richard Underwood
    Barbara '63 and Ken Van Houten
    Deirdre and David Van Sickle
    Jan and Greg Vandenberg
    Paula and Richard Vaughn
    Raul Vega
    Ashley and Oliver Vietor
    Rafael Villasenor
    Martha and Rene Villela
    Donna and Paul Vitola
    Mary Wagner
    Jennifer and Michael Ward
    Jane and Phil Wazny
    Dominique and Michael Weigel
    Jennie '91 and Michael Weiland
    Therese Weiss
    Breda and Robert Weissmueller
    Ileen and Michael Welty
    Linda and Michael West
    Sue and Tom Westhafer
    Patrice Whalen
    Joan and Gregory White
    Laurie and Christopher White
    Sheryl and Robert Whitehouse
    Kellie and Brad Whitlow
    Kitty Whitlow '72
    George Whitten
    Helen Wieczkiewicz
    Gerrie and David Wilhem
    Michael Williams
    Debra and James Williams
    Mittreen and Peter Williams
    Karen and Jeff Williamson
    Edward Winkler
    Luchi and Sam Winter
    Catherine Wolpert '87
    Natalie Wong '97
    Cheyenne Woods '08
    Becky and Brian Worrall
    Jaime '94 and Brad Wright
    Anne '88 and John Wuycheck
    Catherine and Bruce Wyman
    Claire '07 and Noah Yablong
    Kyle Yarbrough
    Toni and Robert Yarwood
    Suwon and Christopher Yoo
    Sandra and Brian Yuh
    Alison Yurcak '08
    Elizandra Zapata '92
    Juana Rojas and Salvador Zarraga
    Katie Marsh Zeches '01
    Margaret Diaz and Gareth Zehrbach
    Vivian and Robert Ziltzer
  • Xavier Foundation, Inc.

    Xavier Foundation, Inc.
    The Xavier Foundation, Inc. provides for the long-term prosperity and fiscal health of Xavier College Preparatory by carefully managing the Foundation’s endowment. The investment income earned is used to fund scholarships for financially qualified students, and to provide for faculty development expenses.

    Donate today: Contact Amy O’Sullivan at
    DONORS to the Xavier Foundation, Inc.
    Amy Flood '76 and Larry West
    Liz Kaiser '08
    Kate Kaiser '05
    B.J. Lippincott

    Lisa Donahue
    Lynn and Greg Donahue
    Heather and Jim Kaiser
    Ann Lippincott and Ed Emerson
    Mary and Gary O'Briant

    Catherine '05 and Michael Clancy
    Camille Lutfy Donaldson '49
    Leslie Eckland
    Kerry '82 and Mitchell Giangobbe
    DeeDee and Jan Mittelstaedt
    Katie '76 and Mike Mueller

    Rand Bookman
    Martha Brodersen
    Sharon and Frank Canady
    Suzanne and Terry Ell
    Lori and Chris Erblich
    Beth and Reed Mittelstaedt
    Gail and John Nierad
    Jana and Austin Potenza
    Noreen and Jack Reed
    Karen '66 and Dan Robertson
    Mary Young

    Diane '61 and Larry Halvorson
    Michael Halvorson
    Alison and Michael Hudak
    Paula and Lawrence Petrowski

    Up to $499
    Shelly Alaska
    Patty '82 and Mark Baldacchino
    Karen and Andrew Campbell
    Dana Campbell Saylor
    Margaret Charles
    Rose and Michael Clancy
    Alyssa Crockett '92
    Rebecca '76 and Kevin Day
    Ann DeFrancesco
    Teresa Edwards
    Jeanette Gilsdorf and Ross Figgins
    Terry Flood '70
    Dorothy Flood
    Jennifer '87 and Mark Gremmert
    Yonghee Grinstead
    Marina and Dragan Grubisic
    Pete Hill
    Sandra and Jack LaBonte
    Mary LaBonte '92
    Edmund Leslie
    Kevin Lichtenthal
    Kathy Mabry
    Katherine and Rick McGill
    Mary Nix
    Jean and Mike Palumbo
    Daniel and Gail Pogge
    Nikki Savoy
    Patricia Van Veen
    Sherry and Steve Wittrock
  • Estate Gifts | Mother Mary Frances Clarke Heritage Circle

    Estate Gifts | Mother Mary Frances Clarke Heritage Circle
    The following members of the Mother Mary Frances Clarke Heritage Circle have generously named Xavier College Preparatory in their will or estate plans.
    Erin '84 and Al Alaimo
    Ann '80 and Mark Barker
    Betsey Bayless '62
    Janet and Edward Burke
    Emily Buttersworth
    Camille Lutfy Donaldson '49
    Teresa '67 and Stephen Duffy
    John Durant†
    Ann Grgich Graham†
    Catherine '66 and Lewis Griffin
    Mary '76 and Don Grosdidier
    Patricia Jesik '61
    Olinda Young and Marty Johnson
    The Michael King Family
    Kathleen and Gregory Kruzel
    Paula and Larry Petrowski
    Denise and Edward Registrato
    Jean Tichenor
    Patty and Cecil Vaughn
    Helen Watts†

    † Deceased

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