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Future College Athletics

Future College Athletics

  • NCAA - Xavier is the home to many hard working and accomplished athletes.  Those that are serious about playing at the college level should register with the NCAA at  It will provide the athlete with an NCAA number for their athletic resume as they seek opportunities on college teams.  XCP automatically sends necessary transcripts to the NCAA on behalf of any registered student at the end of their 6th, 7th, and 8th (final) semester.
  • Athletic Scholarship Night - Every year (typically in November), Athletics and Counseling combine efforts for an informative Athletic Scholarship Night in the Performing Arts Center.  Watch for the date on the XCP calendar as well as for an invitation to attend.  Come and hear relevant tips and data to escalate your chances of being noticed for a Division 1 or 2 athletic scholarship.
  • Academics - Prospective college athletes must meet strict academic requirements as well.  While the NCAA Website articulates it beautifully, a 9-12 XCP Graduate will meet and exceed the class/course requirements.  College Athletes are required to attempt the ACT or SAT.

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