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Mission Statement
The goal of the Theatre Arts Department of Xavier College Preparatory is to promote student excellence in our art form, and for students to gain a richer understanding, appreciation, and love of the art of theatre in a variety of ways:
  • Learn about other cultures and eras through character work, scene work, and productions
  • Communicate what is human about each and every one of us
  • Increase confidence, poise, speaking skills, and communication skills
  • Utilize critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Support the tenets of the Catholic faith by dedicating our search for meaning, truth, and beauty through the artistic expression of the theatre
  • Embrace theatre as an essential part of our total being; theatre arts, both performance and technical, develop, improve, and encourage understanding of our minds, our emotions, our outward expression, our spirituality, and our view of the world
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation of theatre and the arts
  • Have opportunity to be involved in all aspects of production; from the business end; to backstage and building of sets and costumes, to film appreciation and production, to acting and performing; to directing
The art of the theatre is a celebration of the human spirit.

Our theatre students contribute to many campus events, including several play performances throughout the school year, assisting in technical support for school wide activities, and by demonstrating poise, confidence, and leadership both on our campus and in our community.

2017-2018 Showcase

    • 2017-2018 Showcase

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