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Mathematics Department

Mission Statement
The members of the Mathematics Department of Xavier College Preparatory understand the demand for women that are competent in mathematics to solve today’s problems. The Department strives to educate tomorrow’s women with strong problem-solving skills, estimation without a calculator and analysis with technology to provide them with the best possible base for higher level mathematics. The Department reinforces the use of mathematical language through writing and speaking within groups and as a class. The Department supports faculty professional development to stay current with advanced technology and content. In an effort to encourage respect, we provide an environment that promotes the right of each individual to learn and establishes a sense of responsibility for the student’s own conduct and performance. The curriculum is aligned with Arizona Department of Education (ADE), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and College Board standards.

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)
Mu Alpha Theta is a nationally recognized math honor society. Its purpose is to engender keener interest in mathematics, to develop scholarship in the subject, and to promote enjoyment of mathematics among high school students. All members must remain in honors math classes and advance to AP Calculus AB or higher by their senior year.  

Members will meet twice a month, take the American Mathematics Competition Exam and serve 
in one or more of the events like Math and Science Field Day at SCC, Log1 Competition, Math Week and Pi Day.

Meet Our Department

Veronica Smith 
Mathematics Co-Departement Chair
Algebra I 
Honors PreCal/Analy Geometry 

Eva Quijada Becker, M.B.A. '94 
Honors Geometry (Summer School) 
Mu Alpha Theta Moderator 

Louis Iacovo, M.S., M.B.A., M.A. 
Algebra I
Honors Algebra II 
AP Statistics 

Stella Ollarsaba, M.Ed.
Algebra II

Claire Yablong, MBA ‘07
Algebra I 
AP Capstone Seminar/Research 
Independent Study in Engineering 
Marina Grubisic 
Mathematics Co-Department Chair
Honors Geometry 
Honors Algebra I 
Mu Alpha Theta Moderator 

Barbara M Bond, M.B.A., C.P.A. 
Honors Accounting
Wendy Mostoller 
College Algebra 

Bonnie Pendergast, M.Ed. 
AP Calculus AB 
AP Calculus BC 
Calculus Club Moderator 
Mu Alpha Theta Co-Moderator 
National Honor Society Co-Moderator 

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