Gavin Ahern, M.T.S. 
Theology III 
Xavier Young Vincentians Moderator 
Respect Life Club Moderator 
Music Club Moderator 
Julianne Averbuck ‘06
Beginning Photography
Advanced Photography 
Eva Quijada Becker, M.B.A. '94 
Honors Geometry (Summer School) 
Mu Alpha Theta Moderator 

Zachary Carlson

Kate Conley
English I 
Pierian Spring Moderator 

Teresa Corderman 
Theatre I 
Stagecraft I 
Stagecraft II 
Advanced Stagecraft 
Anthony DiStefano, M.A. 
Theology Department Chair
Theology II Great Books
Theology IV 
Honors Philosophy 

Alison Dunn, M.A., M.F.A. 
Department Chair - Studio Arts
Intermediate Drawing/Painting
Advanced Drawing/Painting
Oil Painting I & II 
AP Art History 
AP Studio 
Honors Independent Study 
Sandra Galache 
Spanish I 
Spanish II 
Gatortown Moderator 
Spanish Club Moderator 

Naoko Garrison, M.M. 
Beginning Class Piano 
Intermediate Class Piano 
Independent Class Piano 
Liturgical Music Accompanist 
Classical Music Club Moderator 
Marina Grubisic 
Mathematics Co-Department Chair
Honors Geometry 
Honors Algebra I 
Mu Alpha Theta Moderator 

Mary Anne Herding
Fine Arts 

Kelly Hubbard, M. Ed., M.A. 
AP English IV
ENG 101-102 for Rio Salado,
English II Great Books 
Honors Yearbook 
Xavierian Yearbook Moderator
International Studies Writing in Ireland Program trip Director 
Summer Reading Program Co-Director 
Louis Iacovo, M.S., M.B.A., M.A. 
Algebra I
Honors Algebra II 
AP Statistics 

Jamie Itule
Substitute Coordinator 
Senior Student Council
Freshman Volleyball Head Coach
Senior Class Moderator 

Kristen Jones, M.Ed. '07 
Freshwoman Physical Education 
Fitness for Life 

Nissa Kubly

Olivia Long, M.A., '06
AP Psychology
Psychology 101 for Rio Salado
Nicole Mabante 
Honors Chemistry 
AP Chemistry 
Mark Maresca, M.Ed. 
Honors Spanish II 
Outstanding Faculty Award '08 
Outstanding Adjust Faculty Award (Rio Salado) '13 

Alison Mead, M.Ed. 
AP English IV
AP English IV Great Books Seminar
AP Capstone Research
ENG 101-102 for Rio Salado
Key Club Moderator 
Toastmasters Moderator 
Summer Reading Program Co-Director 
Wendy Mostoller 
College Algebra 

Gina Nuñez
AP European History
AP World History/Great Books
AP World History
History 101/102 for Rio Salado 
History 110/111 for Rio Salado
National History Scholars Society Moderator
National History Club Moderator
Key Club Moderator
CloseUp Washington D.C. Moderator
Bonnie Pendergast, M.Ed. 
AP Calculus AB 
AP Calculus BC 
Calculus Club Moderator 
Mu Alpha Theta Co-Moderator 
National Honor Society Co-Moderator 
Dani Richter, J.D. '03
English I Great Books 
English II
American Government
AP Capstone Seminar/Research 
Political Science POS 110 for Rio Salado
Elias Romley Mock Trial Team Moderator 
Alejandra Rosarossa, Ph. D. 
Spanish III New Horizons 
Spanish IV New Horizons 
Honors Spanish III Heritage Speaker 
AP Spanish Literature and Culture 
Spanish National Honor Society Co-Moderator 

Elisa Salcido- Chavez

Kelly Scovel 
Fine Arts 

Veronica Smith 
Mathematics Co-Departement Chair
Algebra I 
Honors PreCal/Analy Geometry 

David Van Sickle 
Weight Training 

Lisa Verghese 
Honors English I 
English II 
Key Club Moderator 
Gatortown Moderator 

Jennifer Weiland, M.Ed., '91
Science Department Chair
Honors Biology
AP Biology 
Accerated Science Program Moderator 
Laurie White, MS, ATC, AT 
Head Athletic Trainer
Sports Medicine 
Advanced Sports Medicine 

Catherine Wyman, M.S.I.S.
Co-chair Computer Department
Computer Programming Essentials
for Rio Salado
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
IT Club Moderator 
EPICS Moderator 
Girls Have IT Day Co- Moderator 
Jingsheng Yang
World Language

Agatha Andersen

Emily Barton  
Chemistry CP 
Gatortown Moderator 
Stephanie Brugger '90
World History/Geography 
Freshman Class Student Council Moderator
Scholarship Committee Member 
Barbara Chura, M.S.A. 
Freshwoman Physical Education 
Weight Traning 
Dr. Kathleen Ann Conway, M.A., D.A.
Co-chair English Department
ENG 101-102 for Rio Salado 
Honors English III
ENG 110-111 for Rio Salado
AP English IV 
Xavier Writing Project Coordinator 
Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Member 
Outstanding Adjunct Faculty '11-12
Marie Helene De Soler 
French I 

Shannon Donaldson
Honors English II
Aachen Germany Chaperone
AP Capstone-Seminar
Poetry Out Loud Moderator  

Michelle Enciso, M.A.
Theology II
Unity and Diversity Club Moderator 

Elizabeth Galbreath
AP English III
ENH 110-111 for Rio Salado

Jennifer Gillom 
Physical Education 
Advanced Physical Education - Basketball

Alexandra Gutierrez 
Spanish II
Honors Spanish II 
Honors Spanish II Heritage Speaker
Honors Spanish IV 
AP Spanish Language

Brittanie Hockins, M.M., '06
Music Department Chair
Choir Director 
Beginning/Frosh Choir 
Honor Choir I, II, III
Liturgical Music 
Shadow Program Moderator 
Liturgical Music Moderator 

Anne-Marie Hyland, M.A., A.B.D. 
Honors French III 
Honors French IV 
AP French Language & Culture 
French Club Moderator 
French Honor Society Moderator 
International Studies Trip to France Coordinator 

Gina Metzger Iker '97
Theology III 
Christian Service Project Moderator 
Respect Life Club Moderator 

Jennifer James, '88
Spanish I 
Varsity Swim and Dive Head Coach 
Me to We Study Abroad Trip Coordinator and Moderator 

Dr. Camille King, Ph.D., M.P.H. 
Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology 
Biology (Summer School) 
Science Club Co-Moderator 
Gatortown Advisor 
Dan Long, M.A, M.Ed, BCP '03
AP US History
AP US History Great Books 
History 103/104 for Rio Salado 
Unity and Diversity Moderator 
Michael Lueken, MA, Th.D 
Theology IV 
Students for Social Action Club Moderator 
Denise Macrina
Dean of Students
Co-Chair of English Department
Coach Spin-60 Program
Coach JV Softball
Coach Freshman Soccer
Mothers Guild Liaison
Brian Mostoller, M.S. 
English I
JV Softball Coach 

Magda Nelson, M.A. 
World Languages Department Chair
Spanish III
Honors Spanish III
Spanish III New Horizons 
Spanish National Honor Society Co-Moderator 

Stella Ollarsaba, M.Ed.
Algebra II 

Chris Pfaff
Computer Programming Essentials (for Rio Salado)
Athletics Website Manager 
Catherine Robbins '86
Introduction to Art 
Beginning Drawing and Painting 
Introduction to Drawing and Painting 
XERO Club (Environemental Club) Moderator 

Vanessa Running, '89
Public Relations 
Fitness of Mind and Body 
Student Ambassadors Club Moderator 

Sarah Schimpp, M.S. 
CP Biology 
AP Environmental Science 
EPICS Moderator 

Stacy Seger, M.A. 
French II & III
Sophormore Student Council Moderator 

Sara Thoms, M.Div. 
Theology I 
Campus Ministry  

Deirdre Van Sickle 
Child Development
Foods & Nutrition
Creative Textiles
Advanced Creative Textiles
Family Resources Department Chair
Sophomore Class Moderator
Jessica Vining

Ileen Welty, J.D. 
Social Studies Department Chair 
American Government
Honors U.S. Government
POS 110 for Rio Salado 
HIS 103/104 for Rio Salado 
ALJ 109 for Rio Salado 
Criminal Law
Political Action Club of Xavier Moderator
Bruce Wyman, MBA 
Honors Physics 
AP Physics I 
Accelerated Science Club Moderator 
IT Club Moderator 

Claire Yablong, MBA ‘07
Algebra I 
AP Capstone Seminar/Research 
Independent Study in Engineering 
Clayton Zuba, Ph.D.
Honors English III
ENH 110-111 for Rio Salado 
AP English Language III - Great Books 
Coach - Cross Country

Xavier College Preparatory

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