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What is A Xavier Education?

Women of Faith Pursuing Excellence Recognizing Unity in Diversity

Educating the whole person-intellectually, physically and spiritually- is the guiding premise of a Xavier education. These young women deserve the most competitive morally-grounded education possible.

The curriculum is designed with young women in mind. The Xavier administration and faculty make curricular decisions that emphasize women. Female role models in History, other social sciences, literature, fine arts, science and the Church are brought into the curriculum on a regular basis.

Attention to the cognitive and social development of girls maturing into young women is paramount. Xavier is committed to fostering excellence in academics and character in young women. Such attributes will serve them in high school, college and adult life. The environment is less socially pressured than at co-ed schools. Although there are numerous opportunities for Xavier students to share a variety of activities and classes with boys at Brophy College Preparatory, they generally appreciate the more supportive atmosphere of all-girl classes. Young women who might be timid about expressing themselves intellectually in co-ed classes will often readily take part in classes with no boys present.

Every leadership position in the school is held by a woman. The president of the student body will always be a woman. The president of National Honor Society will always be a woman. The captains of all the leading sports teams will always be women. Women will always serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers of the Word and edit the school newspaper and yearbook.

The school is staffed by women in administrative positions, giving testimony to women's leadership abilities. While most co-educational schools have men in the highest offices of the school, Xavier has been led since its earliest years by the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

Integral Student Outcomes (ISO's)

Xavier students develop knowledge and mastery of these five characteristics, known as Integral Student Outcomes:

1. Know the teachings of the Catholic faith and spirituality and act as a witness of faith through ministry towards self and others.

2. Show facility with writing tasks called for in higher education and life long learning.

3. Demonstrate active listening and the ability to speak articulately and intelligently in conversation, class discussion, formal oral presentations, and daily interpersonal communication.

4. Apply creative and critical thinking abilities across the curriculum and in life.

5. Use and integrate ethically, technology as a means of communication, academic enrichment, and preparation for college and for participation in the world community.

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