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In an event of an absence, the parent or guardian must call or email the Attendance Office BEFORE 9:00 a.m. to indicate the reason for the student’s absence. Voice mail messages will not be accepted unless the message clearly identifies: the student’s full name and grade; the date of the absence; and the reason for the absence; the callers’ name and relationship to the student; a number by which the caller can be reached. 

If the student needs to leave school early, the parent must call or email the front desk, or send in a note with the students: full name, grade, reason for leaving, and time. The student must show her Off Campus Permit to her teacher as well as the security gate upon her departure.  

All absences will reflect that they are “unexcused” in GatorNet, even if the parent calls in and there is a medical note provided. The only absences that will show up “excused” is if they are a Xavier affiliated event i.e. StudCo, XCP Sports, Key Club, etc. A student will show up “truant” if the student is absent and we have not heard from the parent/guardian. 

For each class, if the student misses 10 or more times in a semester, the student may lose credit or eligibility. REPORT CARDS REFLECT ABSENCES BY PERIOD ONLY. 

A student who is absent ON test days must assume the responsibility for arranging a time for a make-up test with her teacher. The test must be taken no later than three in-session class days after the students return to school. Any deviation from this from this schedule must be approved by the teacher in consultation with the Principal. The privilege of making up a test can be denied if a student is repeatedly absent when tests are given. Homework after absences will follow the requirements of the teacher’s syllabus. 

Students who are absent because of vacations, trips, college visitations, etc. are personally responsible for completing assignments within the time allotted by the teacher. Teachers are not required to provide assignments in advance. 

A student with a Chronic Illness who may acquire excessive absences due to the illness is required to submit, to the Attendance Office, an “Attendance Verification Form for Students with Chronic Illness” which can be found online, or in the attendance office. 


Phone - (602)388-8690 
Fax - (602)910-6018
Email - 

Jeri Butts 
Director of Student Attendance/Front Office
Dads' Club Liaison

Crystal Cerkvenik 
Director of Front Office/Parent Liaison 

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