Who We Are - an Overview

Xavier College Preparatory is a Roman Catholic High School for young women. Centrally located in metropolitan Phoenix on a beautiful 19-acre campus, the diverse population of this vibrant Catholic high school includes young women of all ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. The current 1200 Xavier students come from more than 150 different elementary and middle schools, public, private and Catholic.

Since opening in 1943, members of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) have held the primary leadership roles at Xavier. They continue their dedication today, working alongside a caring and dedicated faculty and staff. Together, as a community, they challenge, encourage and support Xavier students in their growth as women of faith, expanding their knowledge, interests and talents.

What We Stand For - Our Mission & Philosophy

Xavier College Preparatory is a Catholic community that strives to prepare young women of faith with knowledge, skills, and integrity to meet the challenges of a changing global society in a positive and productive manner celebrating unity in diversity.

We, the community of Xavier College Preparatory, are committed to a belief in God according to the tenets of the Catholic faith enlightened by the Second Vatican Council. In that spirit, we believe in providing opportunities for all to contribute to the community of faith.

We fully believe in the ideals of democracy, integrity, tolerance, and respect in harmony with the love of God, of self, and humankind, and we affirm the fundamental roles of parents and families as primary instruments of faith and education.

We also believe in conscientiously reviewing and improving our college preparatory curriculum, educational goals, and performance objectives, in order to sustain a learning process that encourages personal growth, faith development and community involvement for the young women entrusted to our care.

What is a Xavier Education?

Women of Faith Pursuing Excellence Recognizing Unity in Diversity

Educating the whole person-intellectually, physically and spiritually- is the guiding premise of a Xavier education. These young women deserve the most competitive morally-grounded education possible.

The curriculum is designed with young women in mind. The Xavier administration and faculty make curricular decisions that emphasize women. Female role models in History, other social sciences, literature, fine arts, science and the Church are brought into the curriculum on a regular basis.

Attention to the cognitive and social development of girls maturing into young women is paramount. Xavier is committed to fostering excellence in academics and character in young women. Such attributes will serve them in high school, college and adult life. The environment is less socially pressured than at co-ed schools. Although there are numerous opportunities for Xavier students to share a variety of activities and classes with boys at Brophy College Preparatory, they generally appreciate the more supportive atmosphere of all-girl classes. Young women who might be timid about expressing themselves intellectually in co-ed classes will often readily take part in classes with no boys present.

Every leadership position in the school is held by a woman. The president of the student body will always be a woman. The president of National Honor Society will always be a woman. The captains of all the leading sports teams will always be women. Women will always serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers of the Word and edit the school newspaper and yearbook.

The school is staffed by women in administrative positions, giving testimony to women's leadership abilities. While most co-educational schools have men in the highest offices of the school, Xavier has been led since its earliest years by the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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  • Academic Counselors

    Every Xavier student has a faculty academic counselor who is the initial point of contact between home and school. The academic counselor keeps track of the student’s academic progress and her general well-being.
  • Admission

    Xavier’s admission team looks carefully at every girl who applies, and seeks girls who will thrive here. The school is also committed to cultural, racial and economic diversity among its students. For more information, please visit admission or call our Admissions Office at 602-240-3104.
  • Arts

    The arts are woven into the fabric of the curriculum. Xavier offers courses in studio art, digital art, graphic design choral and instrumental music, dance, and theatre, video production and animation. The arts provide opportunity for creative expression; encompass the nature and meaning of the arts; promote the historical, cultural, and social relevance of the arts; and ensure our students a lasting appreciation of their rewards.

    We are blessed with an outstanding and talented faculty, a state of the art facility in the Virginia G. Piper Performing Arts Center which is home to the Kemper and Ethel Marley Theater, the McGroder Theater, the Lou and Evie Grubb Lecture Hall, and the Stark Art Gallery. We are continuing to develop our Artists in Residence program so that our students may benefit from artistic exchange, inspiration, and instruction from accomplished artists working professionally in each of the four disciplines.The arts are woven into the fabric of the curriculum. Xavier offers courses in studio art, choral and instrumental music, dance, and theatre.
  • Athletics and Wellness

    In addition to classes in physical education and health, Xavier offers 12 AIA sanctioned interscholastic team sports at the varsity, junior varsity and freshwomen levels that belong to Arizona’s largest, most competitive athletic division: the 5A Division 1. Sports enhance a Xavier education. They allow students to learn life lessons not found in textbooks.
  • Clubs and Special Activities

    Over its 75 year history, Xavier has built an Activities program that complements its rigorous academics and faith-based curriculum and encourages student to explore their interests and strenghten their talents. Every Xavier student participates in at least one of the school’s 70+ clubs and school sponsored activities and 24 athletic teams. Each activity, club and sport allows students to develop confidence in their leadership abilities with their peers, faculty and the community. The leadership skills young women learn are at the heart of Xavier’s Catholic mission and ensure that these students will meet the challenges of the 21st century as moral and global citizens.
  • College Placement

    All Xavier students attend many of the nation’s most selective four-year colleges and universities. Our experienced college counselors help to guide girls and their families through the admission process to find the right fit. 
  • Committed to the Girls

    Teachers are so much more: academic counselors, coaches, club leaders, role models. They care deeply about their students not only as learners but also as people. As alumnae of every era will attest, Xavier teachers are “unforgettable.” The faculty’s reputation for excellence continues to draw not only students but also a new generation of stellar teachers.

    Ask girls about favorite teachers, and you’ll hear a very long list. Ask faculty what makes Xavier special, and they’ll typically say it’s the girls. Teachers wonder how each student will excel, not if she will. “When I raise my hand, I can see the anticipation in their faces,” one junior explains. “There’s an expectation, and a belief, that what I have to say is valuable.”
  • Deeply Knowledgeable

    Xavier teachers know their subjects intimately. Three-quarters have one or more advanced degrees in their fields. More than 10 percent have doctoral degrees. As colleagues, they collaborate in creative ways, learning from each other.

    They are also passionate about what they do—and know how to make the material come alive. In class, they tear into issues and ideas, ripping away layers to get at the core of a lesson.
  • Facilities

    The school, founded in 1943 by St. Francis Parish and staffed by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary as St. Francis parish high school, originally held classes in the buildings belonging to Brophy College Prep from 1943-1952.  When Brophy reopened in 1952 we shared a campus until 1956 when the Xavier campus moved to its current location on 5th Street. The original two buildings included a classroom and an administration building, now known as Fitzgerald Hall after current principal, Sister Joan Fitzgerald, BVM. The first addition to the original building was built in 1972 with William P. Lutfy Hall. The Activity Center was built in 1981 followed by Brown Hall in 1983. The Virginia G. Piper Center for Science and Technology opened in 1994. The campus doubled in size with the $15 million addition of the Virginia G. Piper Performing Arts Center and Ethel B. Steele Educational Complex in 2003. In 2008, the Xavier Board of Trustees endorsed the $18 million Legacy of Leadership Capital Campaign. The Chapel of Our Lady and Founders Hall which includes additional classroms, meeting spaces, a new Advancement Office, and a Student Union was opened in 2012. The most recent building project was the renovation and expansion of the Activity Center in 2014.
  • Grade-Level Prayer Days

    Xavier students attend one Prayer Day each year, two their senior year. Prayer Days are led by the Chaplain and Campus Ministers with support and input of student Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who assist small groups.
  • In the Classroom

    In small classes, teachers encourage all girls to participate and speak their minds. Girls regularly give presentations and collaborate on projects.

    In assemblies and classroom visits, leaders in the fields of theology, science, economics, history and more regularly speak on lessons from their lives and careers. The school often draws from the pool of talented Xavier alumnae and parents to share their knowledge.
  • Leadership in the Wider Community

    Xavier graduates go into the world with the moral values to make positive differences in their communities.
  • Off-Campus Community Service

    Service is integral to the Xavier experience and is deeply embedded in the educational fabric of the School and woven into the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Xavier’s Christian Service Program was founded in 1976, the first program of its kind in Arizona and one of the largest youth service providers in the state. Students are required to complete 50 hours of community service prior to completion of their junior year. Xavier students collectively contribute more than 30,000 service hours annually to more than 100 local non-profit organizations. Known worldwide for academic and athletic excellence, Xavier’s impact on the community is felt in the gift of service given generously by its students.
  • Parent Communication

    Xavier recognizes parents’ roles as the primary educators of their children. Through open communication, Xavier shares important information with parents and, in turn, responds to parents when they have questions about the program or their daughter’s progress.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    In the fall, parents have an opportunity to speak individually with their daughter’s academic counselors at conferences scheduled during the school day. Parents hear about current and ongoing projects and discuss their daughter’s work. Another set of conferences is held in the spring. If parents wish to arrange longer individual conferences, they may do so at anytime during the school year by contacting their daughter’s academic counselor.
  • Student Leadership

    Xavier strives to empower young women who are tomorrow’s leaders, ensuring they can meet the challenges of the 21st century as moral and global citizens. Girls lead everything at Xavier. They are club officers, student government representatives, editors, captains and more. Students gain leadership skills in many ways. Each activity, club and sport allows students to develop confidence in their leadership abilities with their peers, faculty and the community.

Integral Student Outcomes (ISO's)

Xavier students develop knowledge and mastery of these five characteristics, known as Integral Student Outcomes:

1. Know the teachings of the Catholic faith and spirituality and act as a witness of faith through ministry towards self and others.

2. Show facility with writing tasks called for in higher education and life long learning.

3. Demonstrate active listening and the ability to speak articulately and intelligently in conversation, class discussion, formal oral presentations, and daily interpersonal communication.

4. Apply creative and critical thinking abilities across the curriculum and in life.

5. Use and integrate ethically, technology as a means of communication, academic enrichment, and preparation for college and for participation in the world community.

Xavier College Preparatory

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