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How does the admissions process begin?

First, follow the link for the 'Admissions Timeline' from this webpage to note the important dates. We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities that are available for you to become familiar with Xavier at Eighth Grade Day, Friday, October 28, 2016 (just for students) and at the Open House, Sunday, October 30, 2016 (for students and parents). Any eighth grader is welcome to take the Entrance Exam on January 7 OR 21, 2017. Taking this test will begin the formal process of application. Applications for admission are distributed at the Placement Exam.

Xavier accepts a small number of transfer students for the fall semester for 10th and 11th grades.  Those applicants do not take the Entrance Exam. Please contact the Admissions Office  in late March for transfer applications. (No local senior transfers are accepted.) We welcome potential 10th and 11th grade transfer applicants to request a shadow date.

Are letters of recommendation required?

Yes. Academic letters of recommendation are required from your current math and English teachers. A third letter from an academic teacher of your choice from seventh or eighth grade who is not your current English or Math teacher is also required. Your current principal will be asked to complete a form that addresses your family’s support of your school’s policies and any discipline issues in your records that we should be aware of.

How are the admissions decisions made?

An Admissions Committee consisting of the Admissions Director and representatives from the faculty and administration review all the applications and make the admission decisions. This committee recommends students for admission to the Xavier's principal. The primary goal of the Committee is to select students whose application, academic records and teacher recommendations indicate they are:
* intellectually curious and academically motivated;

* committed to becoming active and contributing members of the Xavier community;

* open to the spiritual environment of a Catholic high school;

* willing to accepting the rigors and atmosphere of a traditional college preparatory.

Are only Catholic students accepted?

No, but because Xavier is a high school in the Diocese of Phoenix, students who are Catholic and/or in a Diocesan elementary school are given a higher priority in the admissions process. Xavier welcomes students of all faiths to apply to Xavier, and we celebrate the diversity of our students. All students, regardless of their personal religion, do take a Diocesan-approved 4-year Theology curriculum, attend monthly school-wide Masses, and participate in an annual class prayer/retreat day. Approximately 80% of the Xavier student body is Catholic.

Is there a certain minimum score that an applicant must achieve on the Entrance Exam to be accepted?

Although the January entrance test scores are a very important part of the admissions process, they are never the sole basis for an admission decision. An applicant’s seventh and eighth grade grades, standardized test scores (i.e. Iowa Basics, Stanford-10’s, AIMS), teacher and principal recommendations, and the essay written at the entrance exam, are all considered in the admissions decisions. Application interviews are not scheduled for all prospective students, but the Admissions Office does request interviews for selected students if the Office feels it is needed to supplement admission materials.

Can the entrance exam be taken at any of the Catholic schools high schools or must it be taken at Xavier in order to apply to Xavier?

Yes. Any 8th grade applicant who wishes to be considered in the priority pool of candidates at Xavier must take the standardized High School Placement Test (HSPT) but can do so at any one of the Diocesan high schools in January. She must request that her test results be sent to Xavier if she doesn't take the test at Xavier. As per the admissions policy of the Diocesan School Board, while it is not mandatory that an applicant take the test at Xavier to be considered in the priority admissions pool, it is recommended that she take the test at Xavier if it is her first choice because it just makes the process easier. The applications for admissions are distributed at Xavier on the testing dates and the required writing sample is also done at Xavier at that time. If an applicant takes the test at another high school (it is the same test at all locations), she will need to come to Xavier to pick up the application and make arrangements with the Admissions Office to complete the writing sample at Xavier. Applications for those who test at other Diocsean locations will be available at Xavier after the first testing date (Saturday, January 7th, 2017). (Out-of-state applicants who test in their home area may request that an application package be mailed.) * If the testing results and all the components of the package are submitted by the application deadline (Monday, January 30, 2017), applicants will be placed in the priority pool, regardless of where they tested.

*Out of state applicants: We often have applicants from out of state who know they will be relocating to the Phoenix area for high school. Students may take the HSPT in dioceses in other states and have the results forwarded to us. We will mail applications to those who are out of state and make arrangements for the writing sample to be done at a determined location. Please contact Paula Petrowski to make arrangements for out-of-state applications.

How many students are accepted in the ninth grade class?

This year's class of 2020 has 330 members, selected from the more than 500 candidates who took the entrance exam. In the other grade levels, every year we have a very limited number of openings due to attrition. This school year (16-17) there are 8 new students total between tenth and eleventh grades. We generally only accept twelfth grade students with special circumstances who are transferring from Catholic schools out-of-town.

How many students apply to Xavier?

The number varies from year to year, however, we always have more qualified applicants than we can accept.

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes. There is a non-refundable $50 testing fee, payable at the time of the entrance exam, as well as a non-refundable $50 application fee, which is due when the application is submitted. If you are accepted and plan to attend, then a non-refundable registration fee will also be required at the time of your registration in March.

What are the costs to attend Xavier if I am accepted?

* Tuition and Fees: Tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 school year are $19,014.00. For registered Catholics who are active and participating members of their parishes, a reduced tuition rate plus fees of $14,865.00 is available. Tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of each year, in two installments (once each semester), or in nine installments (monthly August through April). 

* Fees: Included in the tuition, there is an annual fee of $600.00, which helps defray the costs of student activities, publications and technology. If a student is enrolled in an AP class, there will be an additional test fee for each AP exam (a fee determined by the College Board) before the AP exam is taken in the spring.

* Uniforms: Xavier uniforms (the plaid skirt and uniform shirts) are purchased at the Gator Gear store on campus, which is operated by the Xavier Mothers' Guild.  (All proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund.) The Xavier plaid skirt has been unchanged for 50 years and is a rich part of the Xavier tradition. There are many options available for the official uniform shirts that are worn with the skirt, from oxford style long-sleeved shirts to polo-style white or blue shirts. Gator Gear also sells many different Xavier sweatshirts that can be worn with the uniform. When you visit Xavier on Eighth Grade Day. you'll see the many examples of the student uniform shirts. The average yearly uniform costs are $350-$500. There is generally a used uniform sale in early August, and each year graduating Seniors are asked to donate their uniforms to this sale.

* Books: Students purchase their own books, which average about $400 - $600 per year if new. The Xavier bookstore sells only new books due to storage space limits, but students are encouraged to purchase used books that are still on the book list from other students or from used book websites. Many students come to the book sale days at the beginning of the school year armed with their used books and find willing buyers. At the end of the school year, too, many students make private arrangements to sell and/or buy used books.

Is financial tuition assistance available?

Yes, but tuition assistance from Xavier is awarded solely based on a family’s need; there are no academic or athletic scholarships. (In fact, the Arizona Interscholastic Association forbids the granting of scholarship monies to high school students in private schools based on athletics, and a high school that does so risks losing its competitive eligibility.)

Funds are available through Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) and from the fundraising efforts of the Xavier community. Families may apply for financial aid through CEA beginning in mid-February.  If they meet the application deadline by April 15th, they will be notified by mid-June of any financial aid awards.

Families may also apply to other state approved tuition tax credit organizations, each of which have their own application process. For more information about Arizona tuition tax credit organizations, visit: http://www.azdor.gov/TaxCredits/SchoolTaxCreditsforIndividuals.aspx

More than $2,000,000 was distributed to Xavier students for tuition assistance for this school year.  Roughly 37% of Xavier students receive some form of tuition assistance. Specific deadlines are strictly adhered to, and applications for financial aid must be submitted every year.

What is included in Xavier’s curriculum?

The curriculum at Xavier is a traditional, rigorous and challenging college prep program. Honors classes are available in all areas of study, and AP® classes ranging from English Literature to Computer Programming are also an integral part of the curriculum. All Xavier Seniors prepare for and take the AP© English Literature exam. Through Rio Salado College, students have the opportunity in selected classes to earn dual enrollment college credit along with their Xavier credit.

Where are Xavier students accepted to college?

100% of Xavier graduates are accepted to 4-year colleges and universities. Many Xavier students begin college as sophomores or juniors because of their AP© and Rio Salado credits. The 286 members of the class of 2016 were accepted to close to 300 different colleges and universities across the country and received offers of scholarships and grants totaling over $22 million. Typically, 45 to 50% of Xavier graduates attend Arizona universities because of the attractive scholarship opportunities due to their high achievements. Students who chose to attend out-of-state schools spread out far and wide for their post-secondary education, from Ivy League East Coast schools to California schools on the west coast, and from Midwestern universities such as Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, to the University of Washington in the Northwest. Many 2016 Xavier graduates are attending colleges in California, from the UC schools such as UCLA and UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara to private schools such as Stanford, USC, U of San Diego, Loyola Marymount and Santa Clara.

Scholastic Recognition at Xavier

Xavier students consistently score high on standardized tests and are recognized for their achievements. The Class of 2016 included 7 National Merit Finalists and 12 National Merit Commended Scholars.  

Important Dates



Aug 22 - 26
              - Rio Salado Registrations

              - National Honor Society
                Academic INTEGRITY Week

Aug 22 - XCP Fall Musical Auditions
               (3:30 PM, PAC)

             - Holy Hour (3:30 PM, Chapel)

             - Frosh Tennis Parent and Player
               Mandatory Mtg (6:00 PM, PAC)

Aug 25 - Gator Guides-Frosh Connections
               (Lunch, GFC)

             - Frosh and Transfer Students
               Parent Dinner (6:00 PM, FH)

Aug 26 - Mass of the Holy Spirit

             - NO XCP/BCP Exchange P5




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